What are the Pros and Cons of White Label Solution?

We hope that you have read our previous article on the white label travel portalits types B2C & B2B, and the difference between them to better understand this one. Every solution has its own sets of pros and cons. Now Let’s understand for White Label Solution.

Advantages Of White Label Solution

Cost Effective

Small business always needs to be started at a low cost. White label solution is cheap that every business entrepreneur can opt for this. With a little investment, they can get a highly satisfactory result as what they are looking for their website.

Free Updation

Technology is something that is updated every single day. Adjusting website according to the technology tool is not only hectic but needs investment too. But, this is not with a white label solution. If one is going for this, the travel technology provider of the company will look forward to all this with no extra cost.

Negligible Maintenance Cost

Owning a website is another thing and maintaining it is another. To get the maximum results out of it, the website needs to be updated all the time. If a travel agent has opted for a white label solution then everything will be maintained by the end of travel technology provider at a very minimal yearly or monthly cost.


There is a myth that a travel agent gets less commission in a white label and more on the Third-party API Integration website. If you have chosen a white label solution you get the equal commission as Third-party Integrated website owner gets.

Huge Inventory

As the white label is a pre-integrated website it has multiple API Integrated for each service and the website owner gets an advantage to publicize the inventory under his brand without paying for API cost. As the API setup and maintenance cost bearer is the travel technology providers company which is huge per API.

Disadvantages Of White Label Solution

Standard Development

The white label is a ready-made system of which you get one parallel access like other users. All the websites look the same apart from the header, footer, and front page.

No Personalised Updation

If a user wants to add or remove any feature to/from his website it is not possible in API integration. The user can only request the travel portal provider to implement it, but it is totally up to travel portal providers whether they think it is good to implement.

Api Integration

The integrating website for your requirement is not in your hands if you opt for a white label solution. If your required API is not integrated into the system you don’t have access to its inventory. For having the access you need to switch to a custom-built solution.

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