Difference between B2C and B2B White Label Travel Portal

BasisB2C White Label Travel SolutionB2B White Label Travel Solution
Frequency of bookingsIn B2C, transactions are customer centric and may not be repeated.In B2B all transactions here are have a high chances of repeat booking.
Brand ValueIn b2c the brand of the website owner is created in mind of customers.In B2B business brand value is created of agent who serves the end customer.
MarginsIn B2C the website owner can keep a good margin in the tickets.In B2B the website owner have to business with less margin as they have to part commission with agent as well.
When to optA newbie in travel market should only start with b2c and after he gains some knowledge he can move for b2b business.A user should opt for B2B business when they have complete knowledge about travel market otherwise sometimes his agents can outsmart him. He can also start b2c business.

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