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Travel Portal Solution is a leading pioneer in travel technology development. We provide highly advanced and well integrated software to travel agents and agencies. Our vision is to create a global professional market, where travel service providers can expand their business domain with our service.

It depends on which all services you are choosing from the same. The charge starts from INR 10, 000 and goes up to lakhs. The more services you integrate the more you have to pay for the same.

No, at any cost you cannot move ahead without a good API for your travel portal.

There are many travel portal development companies from where you can get travel API integration. But in case you are looking for cheap yet technologically advanced travel API integration, which is flexible enough to include new features, than nothing is better than Travel Portal Solution. Apart from API integration, we provide White Label Solution, website designing and development, digital marketing, mobile app development etc.

API integration provides a user friendly booking platform to the portals. As users are in search of a place where they can customize their travel related searches and API provides them with the same. If a travel portal owner wishes to get good business then he should integrate API.

Yes, please fill the below query form to schedule a demo of online booking engine (B2B/B2C). Our support team will revert you back asap.

It depends upon your level of contribution in the travel business and the kind of agreements you make with every supplier. Net Agreements normally pay up to 10% commission and also provide you with much more flexibility to generate more commissions.

Yes, you can change or add new suppliers on your website and integration of additional suppliers will significantly improve your conversion rate.More suppliers equals better variety and prices for your clients to choose from equals more sales.

If you don’t have your own API, you can integrate API from 3rd party suppliers on your own website. This is known as 3rd party API integration.

Yes, we provide complete Digital marketing services for Brand promotion and your online presence in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

If you are taking our services you are free to ask as how long the company would assist you. A good company would give you lifetime assistance. Before signing any contract with the travel portal solution company, make sure that you are satisfied with our policies. Travel Portal Solution is one of the trusted name you can hire for your travel portal website development.

Of course, SC Technologies would maintain close relations with all flight suppliers, Car Suppliers, Bus Suppliers, hotel suppliers, GDS providers and other service providers that are already integrated or very soon to be integrated into our travel booking software. We feel happy to connect our customers with product suppliers, and assist in the negotiation process.

As per industry standards you can put Markup from 5-12% but we advise all our customers to keep minimum markup and sell your product on possible lowest price to increase traffic.

In order to secure confidential data, we sign NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with our clients. We add a secure layer of https for encryption to maintain the security. To analyze the authenticity of a person or entity entering into the system, we have a system of tracking IP address. We do audit testing and manual testing to prevent the potential crisis even before they occur.

This varies depending on the project complexity. We give estimated timeline and deliver the end product at quick turnaround time without compromising its quality.

Yes, we have the professional content writer, who writes catchy and unique contents for websites, SEO/SMO, Press Release, infographics and many more, which gives a jumpstart to your online business by generating revenue on it.

B2B – Business to Business (eg. Sc technologies and its agent)
B2C – Business to Customer (eg. MMT and its direct customer)
B2E – Business to Enterprise (eg. A company login with an OTA or non OTA for booking of its employee)

The basic meaning of B2B and B2C is already mentioned above. In B2C your customers will directly come to your website to book tickets for themselves. Here you can keep high markup. But in B2B the ticket frequency will be high as they are going to book different tickets of different clients regularly, but the markup here will be low. So it depends on you which one is to choose since B2B is more focused on brand name in market and B2B is more focused on low margin and low advertising.

We’ll white list one IP, from it you can create multiple websites. Apart from this, you have to maintain look and book ratio (100:20) otherwise we will charge per search for it. We charge it because when you send unnecessary hit to our server, you will consume our bandwidth as well as supplier bandwidth.

ADM stands for Agency Debit Memo. It is a legitimate tool used by airlines to called adjustments for standard traffic documents issued by agents.

Yes, we do. We provide android app for B2C white label but we don’t take any guarantee for play store registration. We will show you APK file for demo.

Domain booking (not premium domain)
SMS integration for application.
Mail integration.
Payment gateway integration.

White label solution is cost effective. In a very affordable rate you can avail multiple supplier integration. As we are using one app for everyone, so whenever we change something, it automatically gets updated.
But as a client, you cannot change anything in inner page even if it is necessary. You can get only the facilities available on it.

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