Travel XML/API Integration

In today’s competitive market every travel service provider company has unique strategies for their business. Unique strategies could be a new marketing plan, product combination offering to increase the sales, refer & earn program, multi-currency, multilingual and cashback benefits to name a few. Obviously these distinct requirements can’t be fulfilled with a pre-made solution like white-label, it raises the need for a travel API integration. 

If you are looking to offer a fully customisable experience in delivering the world-class travel booking service to your clients with the help of APIs, we would like to introduce our service of Travel API Integration. API integration is one of the custom developments in travel technology.

It allows you to connect with thousands of airlines, hotels, buses and other significant travel content from all over the world. It is easy to integrate and complement your existing travel offerings with an even more extensive range. We connect you with an innovative end-to-end solution and ensure your airline and hotel booking system functions round the clock and serve your clients without any difficulties or hassle.

XML API Integration

More About Travel API Integration

Travel Portal Solution is a top listed hotel /flight/bus booking engine development company beholding immense experience in travel API Integration like GTA, Kuoni, Hotel Beds, Travaco, HotelsPro, Path Finder, Versys and Tourico, Travel Boutique, Arzoo, Amadeus, Galileo, Abacus etc.


Evidently all the inputs such as suppliers’ APIs, the objective of development and features to be provided in the customised portal have to be provided by the travel management companies. 

TMC can get one service or multiple services’ API Integrated in the travel portal. Sometimes for one service, the TMC gets multiple API Integrated of different suppliers. 


Following are the services which can be showcased through Travel API  integration. Also, the variant of a single service’s API is mentioned.

Types of API Integration Services

Flight API Integration

  • 3rd party API Integration
  • GDS API Integration
  • Direct Airline API Integration

Hotel API Integration

  • Channel manager API Integration
  • 3rd party API Integration

If you are a developer then you can do it by yourself otherwise you’ll be needing expert help. Try to take help from the travel technology experts to integrate travel API into your website.

API sends requests to the server and receives data in return. In case of travel API for instance you request for Delhi-New York flight on a specific date and in return you get a number of suitable results.

Travel API is the same as any other API and can be integrated in any web or mobile application to get the live inventories of flight, hotel, car, cruise, transfers, activities, etc.. With the help of travel API users will be able to look and book any above mentioned services from desktop, web or mobile applications.

There are some companies that provide free travel API if you can provide them good business.

There are some companies that provide free travel API if you can provide them good business.

For instance, there are different companies expertise in their home country hotel rates and inventory. Now the cost of all API and time to integrate are constraints which makes it difficult for you to get each api. Here the role of 3rd party API integration comes in. They can provide you a single API with all other API integrated in it.

It depends on the travel service but to give an approximate idea it starts from USD 1000.

Travel portal solution is the only company having profound knowledge of the travel technology field. They have been serving since 2010 and have extremely talented professionals in the team for each department. Their travel technology consultants are also helpful to the clients.