White Label Travel Portal

A startup Product for travel agencies, where they can get the online booking engine for Flight, Hotel & Bus at very affordable price.

The advent of Internet has influenced almost every aspect of human life including travel. These days, most of the travel agents depend on online facilities to boost up their business. White label Travel Portal is one of the best option for small travel agencies. it provides the easiest and fastest solution in order to fulfil the requirements of the travellers. It is a perfect choice for those who wish to be an OTA and do not want to invest too much money. White Label Travel Solution provided by us help the travel agents to sell flight, hotels, and holiday packages online.

What is White Label Travel Portal?

The white label Solution or booking engine travel portal is a pre-built portal with all the services API integrated. It’s a bare application that can be rebranded in the travel agency’s company name. Travel agencies just need to provide the domain name, choose home page theme, logo, and payment gateway credentials if applicable. Generally, the White label solution for travel agents is ready within 3-5 working days. White label travel portal cost is also very nominal. It’s a win-win deal.

Types Of White Label Travel Website

  1. B2C White label travel portal : A direct consumer visits the portal and transacts for the required service. This type of portal is referred to as Business to customer travel portal.
  2. B2B White label travel portal : Travel agents log in the portal and transact for the service required by their client and earn a commission. This type of portal is referred to as Business to business travel portal.

What is a White label travel booking engine?

Travel agencies who have already purchased the theme or have the design already prepared can take a white label booking engine. For the b2c travel portal, they can take a b2c booking engine, and for the b2b travel portal, they can take a b2b booking engine. If the agents want to conduct both the business, then agents should consider both the travel booking engines. A travel agent’s designer can implement the booking engine code on the website. It is hassle-free to implement, and the travel portal gets ready in no time. 


TPS provides the best white label travel portal development in India. Please check a short demo of the white label travel portal backend. For a complete demo, proposal, and to know the white label travel portal development cost, please contact us. Fill in the inquiry form to start the conversation with our travel technology solution consultants.

More About White Label Solutions

Apart from delivering the best deals, Travel Portal Solution also provides cutting edge travel technology solution that is the best in industry. This is a blend of GDS and LCC API live updates of thousands of airports, flights, and routes. White Label Travel Portal Solution eases the work of the travel agents and makes the services accessible for the travelers.

An improved visibility plays a significant role in promoting the business infrastructure of a travel company. Travel Portal Solution has come up with a host of effective tools for the travel companies that can enhance their visibility to a maximum number of customers. A strong bond between the travel company and their clients is always good for promoting travel business. Integrated architecture and user-friendly travel website provided by Travel Portal Solution attract new customers and strengthen the bond between existing customers and the travel company.

White Label Types

This product is designed and developed with two different business approaches-


It is a bare application with beforehand integration of APIs and development of features. Travel agents can give their logo, brand name, domain name and can choose the design to give their own brand identity to white label. (Read more)

B2C white label travel portal

B2B white label travel portal

(Read more)

In B2C white label solutions, the services are sold by a company to the end-user. When the company starts marketing its website they get visitors on the website. (Read More) 

When white label solutions are provided by a company that sells their services to travel agents who resell them to the end users, this processing is called B2B white label solution. (Read more)



Free Updation

Negligible maintenance cost


Huge inventory



Standard development

No personalized updation

(Read more)

In B2C, transactions are customer-centric and may not be repeated. In B2B all transactions have a high chance of repeated booking. (Read more)

If anyone wants to bring their own software to the market, but don’t want to invest a lot of time, resources, and money to develop software, they can take the services of white label. (Read more)

White label travel portal is a SaaS model. In layman terms it is a ready made product. API integration can be a ready made as well as custom built module. (Read more)

Choose the category 

Choose the service

List out the problems

Conduct deep research

Choose a travel portal development company

Build a user-friendly website with good content

Promote your website (Read more)

Choose the category 

Choose the service

List out the problems

Conduct deep research

Choose a travel portal development company

Build a user-friendly website with good content

Promote your website (Read more)

Website design and development

Payment gateway integration

Email & SMS integration

SSL certification (Ask more)

Yes, you can take the booking engine code and implement it in your website.

Online flight booking engine

Tour CMS

Online Hotel booking engine

Utility and bill payment

Online bus booking engine

Yes, we can also provide you only the tour cms section.

The people who desire to have an online presence but are constraint at budget and are not tech savvy. To all those suffering with such issues, just don’t worry we have your back you just focus on building the strategies to grow your travel business. Please connect with our travel technology experts to enrol for the plan.

Travel portal solution is the only company having profound knowledge of the travel technology field. They have been serving since 2010 and have extremely talented professionals in the team for each department. Their travel technology consultants are also helpful to the clients.

There is no such thing as white label travel portal API.

The Benefit of White label Travel portal is as follows:-

  1. Low Investment
  2. Fast Implement
  3. Easy Updates
  4. No API Required

If you are new in online travel business then white label travel booking engine is recommended for you because almost same functionality available about 10x cheaper than the API Integration.

you can use multiple white-label solutions for different products but there is no logic to use multiple white labels for the same product, you can choose a white-label solution for one product like a flight booking engine from different vendors according to deal, and hotel booking engine from a different vendor.