Hotel Extranet

Sell Your Own Contracted Hotel Inventory.

If you don’t know what is extranet first check what it is and how it works.

Hotel Extranet module is smart and easy to use, which comes up with two categories. You will be facilitated with extra functionality of adding Hotels with multiple suppliers. It gives you exposure to the largest inventory of hotels worldwide.

Hotel Extranet

Types of Hotel Extranet

The two categories of Hotel Extranet are:-

  • With Inventory Management
  • Without Inventory Management

Mentioned below are the functionalities of each category:


  • With Inventory Management: This is the advanced module, where we are providing you with the facility of adding the Hotels with multiple suppliers along with the payment mode on. You will be getting multiple functionalities in this module. For e.g. you will be getting supplier and agent login as well. With this, you and your supplier can easily change the hotel price for the next 2 years in advance from the respective ends. You can also add room and hotel categories from your backend.




  • Without Inventory Management: This is the module where you may add the Hotels but it will remain in the enquiry module. You may showcase those hotels separately and take query from your website.


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