What is a White Label Travel Portal?

Being a travel agent is not just it, for exploring the business there are many things that a travel agent needs to do. The technology driven world of today demands so much from a travel agent, in order to let his business noticed on internet. Being technically sound is important for an agent and other than this his website needs to be technology driven. In order to set website on the global platform he needs to apply many tools and techniques and one of such very important tool is travel white label. Well, with the name of white label or white label travel solution there are so many question that arises in the mind of the agents. Let’s understand the concept of white label travel portal.

White Label

In general terms white label means a product or service with no label or no brand name.

White Label Travel Portal

It is a ready-made application keeping in mind the required offering provided by travel agents to their customer or agents. It is a bare application with beforehand integration of apis and development of features. Travel agent can give their logo, brand name, domain name and can choose the design to give their own brand identity to white label. Any person can approach the travel portal development company to get it started within 3-5 days.

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