TripAdvisor API

TripAdvisor is a go-to resource for millions of people. Which was founded in the year 2000 as a website that posts reviews from guide books or magazines, and now receives more than 490 million visitors. It features 8.1 million establishments and hundreds of millions of reviews. A large number of visitors rely on it for reviews from other people about the places they have been or to make a decision whether to visit the place. The hospitality sector, specially OTAs and hotel service providers are considering TripAdvisor API.

What is TripAdvisor API

TripAdvisor API provides you with access to its content, enabling seamless integration with your website and application. With the API, you can get location details, up to five reviews, five photos per location, and up to fifty calls per second. When you use its API, you get to search for a specific business listing and its related business details on the given keyword and location. It also facilitates the acquisition of feedback data on any business.

Additionally, you can extract all review data from TripAdvisor and seamlessly incorporate it into your application.

Significance of TripAdvisor Data

Tripadvisor Api

TripAdvisor’s data are a reliable source for hundreds of millions of travelers to make informed travel-related decisions. The hospitality industry highly values TripAdvisor as an important platform for reputation management. Since it offers a vast array of publicly accessible data, these establishments can scrutinize and leverage the information to enhance their services, bolster their reputation, and consequently drive up their revenue.

Nevertheless, obtaining such data can be quite challenging. Getting this data manually is also time-consuming, and even experienced programmers face hurdles when trying to extract data from TripAdvisor as it uses multiple mechanisms to deter automated traffic.

So how would you get that? With TripAdvisor API. But how would you get it?

To get started with TripAdvisor API, you need to register for a new TripAdvisor account or log in with your existing account and navigate to the home page. In the next step, you need to define your maximum daily budget and submit your billing information to begin the subscription on a pay-as-you-go basis. After that you will be granted access to your data along with the provision of your API key.

How to Get TripAdvisor API Key

  • Visit TripAdvisor Developer’s API page. Access your TripAdvisor account or create one.
  • Navigate to the Credential section and click on the ‘Create API Key’
  • Since TripAdvisor doesn’t offer a free API key, you need to enter your billing information to purchase the key.
  • Then enter the required information such as your website name, organization industry, email address, website or App URL, and a short description about your website or app.
  • You will receive your API key, which you should copy and use it on the reviews Plugin.
  • Once you get your API key, you must restrict it to ensure safety

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is TripAdvisor API?

    With TripAdvisor API, developers can access its highly recognized and trusted data of more than 8 million locations, one billion reviews and opinions, and 29 languages.

  • Do I get a free version of TripAdvisor API?

    TripAdvisor offers the first 5000 API calls free of cost for every month after you sign up.

  • Is there a limit on how many API calls I can make per day?

    When you get the TripAdvisor API key, you must set a maximum daily budget when you sign up. This way you can avoid getting overbilled. Additionally, you can always modify your daily API call limit.

  • Can I get more than one API key?

    No, you cannot get more than one API key at the moment.

  • How do I know how much data I have consumed?

    Once you sign up, you can check the usage on ‘My Usage’ page. You can check your call volume for up to 365 days. Additionally, you can also refer to the invoice to check API Consumption.

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