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Transfer API provides a comprehensive range of transfer service from airports and hotels via car, taxi, coach or minibus. For OTAs that offer all-inclusive travel services, integrating transfer API provides a massive revenue generation. When you integrate the API into your website or application, it gives you access to premium inventory around the world.

Airport transfers play a crucial role in the modern travel experience. Ground transportation options such as cars, buses, or trains transfer travelers between airports, train stations, and their accommodations. The Transfer API covers the entire range of travel services, including flight booking system, hotel booking system, transfer booking system, sightseeing booking system. You can select either all of them or any of them as per your business model. With this, OTAs can provide a door-to-door experience to travelers and allow them to control every step of the journey right from the desktop.

When you consider integrating Transfer API, check if it supports each B2B and B2C channel.

Advantages of Transfer API

  • Fast and error free online reservation facility
  • Search, book, confirm through a single API integration
  • Easy set up and flexible integration
  • Dedicated account manager and Engineering support team
  • Complete solution with inventory, content and other requirement
  • Instant booking confirmation.

Features of Transfer API

  • Flexible, scalable, and easy to integrate and implement
  • Build and update customize travel booking applications
  • Build on scalable Open System architecture
  • Decrease development costs and time to market
  • Custom-design solutions with maximize efficiency
  • Independent of language and application framework
  • Real-time streaming of prices optimized product solutions
  • Browse and live price feeds

Automate Your Booking Process with A Robust Transfer API

Transfer API comes with complete documentation and technical support. It supports both B2B and B2C solutions. Since Travel API is basically a set of web services that allows you to access travel deals from multiple consolidators. With it, users can easily interact for the reservation and cancellation of transfers.

How To Integrate Transfer API

The Transfer API integration service is mainly offered by third-parties. There are three common integration models for ground transfers functionality- White Label, Plugin, API. Although each of them have their own sets of perks, integrating API gives you more freedom, flexibility, and scopes to connect with your customers. It can be integrated with existing websites and applications and even it can help building custom websites.

However, API integration requires substantial development effort. But at the end, it gets you a wide range of customization opportunities. Furthermore, your customers do not have to reenter the details about the flight date, destination, hotels, etc. to book airport transfers. They can directly select and book the transfer option according to the information given at the time of flight or hotel reservation. The API also interacts with multiple customization options, including arrangement of different types of transfers in one trip.

Transfer API Cost

The integration of Transfer API may cost you around $1,200 to $5,000, depending on the region, and the kind of services you want to add. It may fluctuate and mainly depends on your demands and requirements.

Top Transfer API Providers

World Transfer

For airport transfer and chauffeur services, connect your business with World Transfer.  World Transfer is one of the leading Transfer service providers in the world, known for its professional approach. From home to the airport, from airport to the hotel or resort, sightseeing, and back to the airport, World Transfer offers the best transfer services. Furthermore, it connects you with 150 countries, 1,200 airports, with access to a fleet of 600,000 worldwide.


Trawex is a renowned travel technology provider known for empowering travel agents and tour operators with profound travel technology solutions. When it comes to Transfer API, Trawex offers a wide range of customizable transport services using the leading suppliers from each destination. Its Transfer API has been designed for the travel agencies, travel business, and websites related to the travel and tourism industry. By integrating their Transfer API, you can offer unbeatable out of the box services to your customers. The API can be combined with existing services, websites, and applications. With Trawex’s Transfer API, you can let your B2B, B2C, and corporate clients book transfers online instantly.


TraveloPro is a Bengaluru-based travel technology company that provides travel technology solutions to travel companies. Being one of the most reliable API providers, TravelPro’s Transfer API enables customers to access all ground transfer facilities. Its Transfer API allows you to easily book, edit, and cancel transfers. Moreover, its Transfer API supports both B2B and B2C channels. TravelPro offers Transfer Booking Engine and Transfer Booking System that allows travel agents to compare several transfer supplies.


FlightLogic is another leading travel technology provider in India that offers complete travel technology solutions. When you consider FlightLogic for Transfer API integration, it connects you with various domestic and international transfer services from airports, hotels, resorts, and beyond. The transfer API provided by FlightsLogic covers the entire transfer booking process. It also includes data on the transfer option, transfer booking confirmation, retrieval of transfer bookings, and booking cancellation.


eWeblink is a Delhi-based travel technology provider, known for empowering travel agencies and tour operators with agile technology. Its Transfer API integration service has helped a large number of OTAs to connect with multiple transfer service suppliers. With its Transfer API, you can easily and quickly book, edit, and cancel transfers efficiently.

Bottom Line

Having a flight and hotel booking system is undoubtedly the best choice for any online travel agency. But transfer API is what makes you offer out of the box service to your customers. Knowing that a transfer option is waiting for you once you exit the airport to take you to your hotel is undoubtedly a kind of service you may want to have for a relaxed journey. Hence, it is better to be prepared to serve your customers with all inclusive travel services.

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