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Planning a trip can be exciting but getting an affordable flight ticket is undoubtedly daunting. Especially when you are traveling during the peak season. Here comes the Fare Calendar, a powerful tool used by multiple airlines and flight booking agencies. It allows you to search and compare flight prices across dates, months, and destinations easily. One of its best features is- you can check fares for the whole month and reserve the date when the airfare is the cheapest.

Several airlines and OTAs are now integrating the Fare Calendar tool into their system. If a travel agency wants to follow the trend, they must get the API from a provider and Travel Portal Solution can integrate it into the website or application.

How Does A Fare Calendar Work

The Fare Calendar helps travelers find the most desirable airfare for a particular destination by showing available flight prices for the whole month. When Fare Calendar is added into the system, it collects and displays fare data from multiple sources, such as airlines and travel websites. Its main jobs are:

  • Data aggregation
  • User input
  • Filtering and sorting
  • Detailed flight information
  • Price visualization
  • Date selection
  • Easy booking process

Benefits of Fare Calendar

Compare Fare Across Multiple Channels

With Low Fare Calendar, you can compare airfare across multiple channels. You can find which airline or OTA is offering the cheapest deals on any particular date. There’s no need to spend hours scouring the internet in search of cheap flights. If you are flexible with dates, then getting low flight fare is not a tough nut to crack.

For example, if you are traveling from Detroit, MI to Dallas, TX, and looking for flights online, simply visit a site that has a low fare calendar tool. Instead of searching for flights for a particular date, search by Whole Month, and it will display all available data on flight fares for the month provided by various suppliers. Book the one that meets your expectation the best.

Access to Exclusive Deals

When you search for flights by using Fare Calendar, it displays all special deals and promotions available. However, these offers can include limited period discounts, flash sales, and discounted fares for specific routes. When you refine your search with Fare Calendar, it aggregates all the relevant data available in the system at the moment, and brings them to you. You can compare the airfare and reserve the best available fare quickly.

Notifies When Price Drops

If you set alert for a price drop, it instantly notifies you when there is a drop in airfare. It helps you determine when the prices are the lowest. If you are planning to travel during the summer, it may be wise to hold off on booking your flight until the date draws nearer. Be flexible with your travel dates and check the fare calendar to identify which day of the week offers the most affordable fares. Being aware of when prices are at their lowest can result in significant savings on airfare.

Detailed Itinerary Information

A low fare calendar provides you with detailed itinerary information that includes flight duration, number of layovers, and other important information. So if you are looking for a nonstop flight, a flight with one or short layover or that departs early in the morning, you will get all required information through the fare calendar. All you have to do is to filter your search.

Utilize Miles and Points

One of the best perks of using a low fare calendar is it helps identify flights that you can book using miles and points. You can redeem them by using credit card points or airline miles.

Increased Transparency

It provides a transparent view of fares, allowing travelers to observe price changes over different dates and comprehend the pricing dynamics for their selected route. This way, travelers can understand when to book their flight.

Final Takeaway

Travelers use metasearch engines and OTAs to search and compare the best flight deals. When you integrate Low Fare Calendar into your website or application, you give your customers a clear picture about flight fares. This transparency is very much needed, as this way, travelers can easily find best deals for a particular date.

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