Google Flights API

If you are a frequent flier, then chances are, you book your flights from flight booking portals, such as Google Flights. Google Flight is a metasearch engine that aggregates real-time airline data either directly from the airlines or from multiple online travel agencies. It is designed based on ITA software and QPX Express. Google Flight API uses two endpoints- Search Trips and Search SingleTrip. With Google Flights API, you can search cheap flights, explore destinations on map, and sign up for fare alerts.

Google Flight API, also known as QPX Express, offers developers access to their data to search and compare airline flight prices. Travel agents, who have integrated Google Flights API, can allow their users to search flights by date, departure or arrival points, airlines, price, and other details. This way, users can receive the most relevant search results, which allow them to make informed decisions.

What Does Google Flight API Offer

Google Flight is a trustworthy tool that allows us to search for flights. If you combine it with other Travel API, you can let your customers offer a myriad of other travel services, including accommodation and airport transfers. It is surely convenient for both customers and travel agencies. Using its API benefits your business, and you will receive real-time information on flight time, airfare, number of stopovers, etc.

Just building an online travel booking platform wouldn’t be enough. You must integrate a travel API. And what could be better than Google Flight that can connect your business with hundreds of airlines worldwide!

It simplifies the entire process of searching for flights, finding required results, checking airfare, and booking flights. By integrating flight API, you can easily and quickly aggregate all flight-related searches in one location and display the required results to your customers. As a travel agent, you can incorporate all flight-related content from multiple suppliers and further offer the best deals at competitive airfares for the users.

When a user enters his query, it redirects to the database and in response to the database, airlines update consumers of the best options and deals available.

How to Get Google Flights API

If you want to enhance your offerings, get Google Flight API. Here is a guide to getting the API.

Get an API Key

  • Visit Google Developer Console
  • Create a new account or Log in with your existing account
  • Create a new project or select one
  • Visit QRX Express Airfare API Dashboard on Google’s API Manager
  • Click ‘Enable’ on the top of the page
  • Go to the credentials tab on the left side of Google’s API Manager to get your API Key

Once you make the call, you can export the Google Flights API code snippet into your script. Pick your language and copy the code.

Benefits of Google API

Google Flight API

For the public, it works as an aggregator of multiple flight service suppliers. It searches databases from each airline and online travel agency to find flight schedules, seats, and prices. But do you know how it works? It uses a program called ITA Matrix, which was originally built for travel agents and reservation managers.

Additionally, its versatile search functionality offers a price calendar tool for scouring through many months of data to identify the best deals on any given route. The data on airfare also comes directly from the airlines and therefore is generally accurate.

One of its features that allow you to search for a flight with WiFi service informs you to know whether the flight has internet access. It also controls the accessibility as specified by the travelers. When a travel agent integrates Google Flights API into their system, it allows you to enter the data instantly. There’s no need to enter it manually.

It reduces operational cost and increases the brand value of all sizes of travel and tour companies. Moreover, it supports all currencies used for booking.

Bottom Line

Google Flights is one of the most popular flight booking sites that connects travelers with hundreds of airlines and multiple online travel agencies worldwide. For a travel agent, integrating Google Flights API not only enhances their brand value, but also gives them access to a huge data of airlines. The integration is very easy to set up and is flexible. With the API, it is easy to manage revenue and commissions.

So if you are looking for ways to build a niche for your business, consider having Google Flights API.

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