Recharge API Provider

A Recharge API provider offers you the edge over other competitors in the market with high availability, low prices, and excellent customer support. With a robust Recharge API, you can expect better margins than any other competitor in the market with maximum up-time guaranteed. It provides APIs for mobile recharge, Bulk SMS services, data card recharge, utility bill payments, such as gas, electricity, insurance, and DTH recharge, etc.

What is Recharge API

The Recharge API is a REST API that includes several endpoints to support common operations. It utilizes resource-oriented URLs to handle JSON-encoded requests and responses. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with multiple e-commerce platforms to handle recurring transactions and also provides hosted solutions.

Benefits of Recharge API

When you integrate the Recharge API provided by Travel Portal Solution, it offers you several benefits. Check them out!

  • Its all-in-one recharge system lets you recharge for all network operators from a single platform.
  • You can start your recharge business with high commissions.
  • It supports all the carrier dominations / plans.
  • It refunds the amount automatically within 24 -hours in case the recharge fails.
  • Highly secured and authorized API
  • It provides high transaction volume processing platform
  • It provides instant operation transaction ID for all transactions
  • Allows you to access from any state, any city, and any region across the country to the numbers belonging to any circle.

Types of API

Mobile Recharge API

Once you integrate mobile recharge API into your system, it allows your clients to make mobile recharge API, one can easily recharge mobile data / talktime, DTH, datacard, etc. quickly and safely.

Money Transfer API

With Recharge API, your customers can make instant money transfers to any bank across the country without any risk. The payment gateway is secured and protects your data. Its features include:

  • Automatic Refund
  • Recharge Dispute
  • Balance Checking

Bulk Message API

If you are looking for both transactional and promotional bulk SMS API, then you should integrate Recharge API. It sends SMS within 10 seconds. When you integrate Bul Message API, it offers you various features including:

  • Paying only for delivered SMS and get refund for undelivered SMS
  • You can send up to 20,000 SMS at a time
  • You will get unlimited sender’s IDs on both transactional and promotional SMS API

Internet Bill Payment API

With bill payment API, your customers can pay their internet bills instantly and safely, using your platform.

Utility Bill Payment API

With Utility bill payment API, your customers can pay gas bill, electricity bill, rental, and insurance bill, etc.

Booking API

With Booking API, you are one step ahead of most of your competitors. It allows you to book a bus ticket on behalf of your customers.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a robust Recharge API Provider, Travel Portal Solution not only offers a seamless API integration into the system, its agile technology can keep you one stem ahead of your competitors.

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