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Expedia Travel Agents Affiliate Program or Expedia TAAP is offered by Expedia Group, one of the world’s largest travel companies. With TAAP, online travel agents are granted access to an extensive array of travel services including flights, hotels, car rentals, and beyond. By simply logging into Expedia’s TAAP platform, travel agencies can offer their valued customers a comprehensive and seamless travel experience while simultaneously earning a commission on any bookings made.

The TAAP platform offers a range of tools and resources for online travel agencies to effectively handle their bookings. In addition to managing bookings, it provides round-the-clock assistance and live reporting. Travel agents using TAAP can also customize their pricing options. It offers a user-friendly interface that allows travel agents to easily access real-time inventory, pricing, and availability. Additionally, it provides exclusive deals, promotions, and discounts that are not accessible to the public.

This ready-built travel booking platform was launched in 2002 to empower the offline travel agencies by providing them access to Expedia’s global travel supplies, competitive rates, and agent tools. Even after 21 years, it is still empowering the online travel agencies with a vast global travel inventory.

Features of Expedia TAAP

  • By logging into Expedia TAAP, OTAs can easily simplify the booking process. It equips them with relevant global travel content, such as flights, hotels, car rentals, and beyond.
  • It has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. It further provides agents with a comprehensive booking management system that allows them to view, customize, and cancel bookings in real-time. This way, it becomes easier for the travel agents to keep a track of their booking.
  • Expedia TAAP’s reporting and analytic tool provides agents with access to a wide range of data and insights, such a s booking trends, customer demands, and sales performance. Travel agents can use these insights to explore new business opportunities, optimize marketing strategies, and improve customer service.
  • When a travel agent login to TAAP, they receive a dedicated customer support team. Expedia also offers training and educational programs, such as webinars, tutorials, training materials, etc., so that agents can utilize the maximum benefits of the platform.

Advantages of Expedia TAAP

One of the benefits of having access to Expedia’s TAAP is, you can access its extensive inventory of travel products. Furthermore, its commission structure is another aspect that benefits the agents. Here is a list of perks you can enjoy as a TAAP agent:

  • With 500+ airlines, 1,000,000+ accommodations in 200 countries, 175+ car rentals companies with a presence in over 3,000+ locations worldwide, and 200,000+ tours, activities, attractions, and adventure.
  • It offers multiple rates, commission, and last-minute availability. With TAAP, you can explore 650,000+ promotional rates, package rates that offer an average 20% off on accommodation, member-only deals that offer an average of 15% discount on thousands of travel products, and flexible cancellation policies.
  • Intuitive search results that offer 20+ sort and filter to get you the most relevant options. It easily generates property quotes, instant booking confirmation, ability to modify reservations online within a minute with the help of self-service booking manager, and create and send travel vouchers within 20 seconds with the itinerary builder.

Expedia TAAP Registration Process

Travel agents who want to access Expedia’s vast inventory, can register its Travel Agents Affiliate Program. To register with Expedia TAAP, follow the process below:

Step 1: Designate An Agency Manager. The designated agency manager will be responsible for adding and managing agents, submitting tax information, and fielding updates about your agency’s commissions. You can create an account for the agency manager.

Step 2: Once you fill up the agency form and create an account, you will be required to fill out a form by entering all basic information , including agency trade name, address, and telephone number.

Step 3: Read the terms & conditions, accept them, and then click on Register.

Step 4: Expedia will send you registration confirmation within 48 hours via email.

Brand Marketing and Promotion

Expedia not only empowers the travel agents by offering access to its inventory, it also helps them promote their business. It offers a wide variety of marketing and promotional materials, such as customizable marketing templates, email and social media campaigns.

How Does Expedia TAAP Pay Commission

Expedia TAAP program offers travel agents the opportunity to earn commissions on eligible bookings made through the platform. The percentage of commission may differ based on the type of travel product and the agreement between Expedia and the travel agent. Generally, commissions are calculated as a percentage of the net rate, which is the price paid by the traveler after deducting taxes and fees.

After the successful completion of a booking, Expedia generates a commission for the travel agent. Commissions that are earned by the travel agent are collected during a specific timeframe, like a month, and then disbursed based on the payment method chosen by the agent when they registered. The available payment options can be bank transfers, checks, or other electronic payment systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to become a travel agent with Expedia?

    Register yourself with Expedia TAAP, by creating an account. Enter basic information required at the time of registering. Once the registration process is done, Expedia will send you a confirmation mail within 48 hours.

  • How does Expedia TAAP work?

    Expedia TAAP provides its certified travel agents with access to its travel inventory. Travel agents can easily set their own price, and earn commission for each booking made through the platform.

  • How much commission do travel agents earn through Expedia TAAP?

    The percentage of commission an Expedia TAAP certified agent earns depends on various factors, including the type of products they sell and the agreement between Expedia and the agent. However, it ranges between 6 – 12% of commission. It offers up to 11.5% on hotels and activities, 7.5% on car rentals, and 6% on packages.

  • Is there a cost to participate in Expedia TAAP?

    No. You can participate in Expedia TAAP free of cost.

  • What is Expedia TAAP?

    Expedia TAAP, launched in 2002 by Expedia Group, is a ready-built, web-based booking platform for travel agents. It provides access to TAAP-certified travel agents with Exedia’s travel services, including flights, hotels, car rental, and beyond.

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