Indian Railway API

The Indian Railway boasts the world’s biggest railway network, consisting of more than 22,593 operational trains and accommodating a staggering 24 million passengers on a daily basis. Notably, this expansive railway system is efficiently managed under a single management. Despite being one of the popular means of transport, only a few OTAs have access to the Indian Railway API. Passengers mainly rely on the IRCTC site to book a train.

Many travel agencies do not have rail booking functionality due to the complexity and inconsistency of the online rail distribution system. However, this does not mean that the railway’s online connectivity is non-existent. It is just not as straightforward as booking a flight or hotel.

Furthermore, Travel Portal Solution, being one of the leading API service providers, offers seamless Indian Railway API Integration service into your system. It fetches you real-time data of thousands of training runs in the Indian railway tracks at the same time.

What is Indian Railway API

Indian Railway API provides information related to Indian trains using an HTTP request. You can access information like list of stations, route of a train, trains between stations, live train status, upcoming stations, and more.

Who Can Use Indian Railway API

The Indian Railway API is completely free and can be integrated easily by travel booking websites and mobile applications. Users can make as many requests as they wish without having to worry about being charged.

Additionally, even educational institutions and individual learners can also learn how REST API works.

How Does Indian Railway API Works

The Indian Railway API is a REST API that exposes REST endpoints, which are actually HTTP URLs. If a travel agency wishes to access data from the API, they need to specify the endpoint URL, request parameters, and authentication  headers (API key and API hosts). The endpoint then processes the requested data and returns it to the request. The result comes in JSON format.

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