How to Get Sabre Software Training

Travel companies integrate GDS into their system to get real-time information on flights, hotels, car rental, etc. Sabre, among other GDS systems, is the preferred choice for airlines and travel agencies when it comes to distribution. By connecting to the Sabre System, travel agents can effectively promote their services and products to clients while also gaining access to accurate availability and pricing data. To effectively utilize Sabre software in their own systems, travel agencies and airlines must undergo Sabre Software training that covers coding skills necessary for interaction with other travel companies and the GDS. Additionally, this training equips them with knowledge of operational processes such as reservations, price checks, segmentation, class changes, availability, and more.

Sabre was developed by an American company in the 60s. It has around 36% of the global market and boasts a strong presence in the US market. Major airlines like American Airlines Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, All Nippon, China Airlines, etc.

Sabre Software Training Course

The course helps you expand your skills to book flights, hotel rooms, cars, etc. easily and quickly in the Sabre Global Distribution System. To become knowledgeable in Sabre, one needs to practice again and again so you are fully prepared for a job in the travel industry. This interactive e-learning course teaches learners how to price journeys for all types of fares using the Sabre GDS system.

The course is not just theoretical. It creates a highly realistic simulated environment using the GDS simulation tool, so that candidates can make simulated GDS entries and retrieve bookings, display, interpret rules, search and quote fares, store fares, and issue tickets.

Course Format

  • It is a 60-hour course, depending on your previous knowledge and experience.
  • Study materials are provided in an interactive E-learning format.
  • From the date of your enrollment, you will have 12-months or 100 log in hours to complete the course and exam. Once the validity expires or you consume the 100 login hours, you will not have access to the course content.
  • The level for this course is Entry level and Intermediate.

What Will You Learn

  • Price and ticket airline journeys
  • Sabre GDS Commands
  • Sabre GDS Pricing
  • Sabre GDS Availability
  • Sabre GDS Coding
  • Sabre GDS Booking or PNR Creation
  • Sabre GDS PNR Cancellation
  • Sabre GDS Fare Bases Penalties
  • Check No Show Fee Using Sabre
  • SSR Request in Sabre for Passenger Special Service
  • Encoding, Decoding, PNR Rtr
  • Issuing E-ticket in Sabre
  • Sabre GDS Reservation
  • Sabre GDS Fare Quotations
  • Sabre GDS Segmentation
  • Sabre GDS Class Change
  • Sabre GDS PNR Making Process
  • Sabre GDS Classes Terms and Conditions
  • Check Airline Penalties
  • Change in Class & Date in Itinerary & PNR
  • Split PNR in Sabre
  • Sabre Master Pricer

Bottom Line

Having a good understanding of Sabre Software is essential for those looking for job prospects in the travel and airline industry. Obtaining certification in Sabre GDS enhances your chances of getting hired by travel companies and airlines. This training equips you with the necessary skills to effectively manage ticketing and non-ticketing sales using Sabre GDS software.

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