Liligo Meta Integration

About Liligo Meta Integration

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Paris, France and Budapest, Hungary, Liligo is a meta search engine that allows users to compare travel products across multiple channels. It is a production of Findworks Technologies and is based in Paris, Barcelona, and Budapest. With this travel search engine, users can compare plane tickets, trains, bus, car rental, and hotels in one click. Moreover, it allows them to compare all offers on the same platform. Since travelers find Liligo more reliable to get best value deals on travel products, it makes OTAs to consider Liligo meta integration. Liligo doesn’t sell anything, but redirects users to the providers website, so that the user can make a purchase.

Its Smart Sorting feature helps users optimize the results according to the price and duration. Moreover, sponsored offers are clearly visible, which helps users decide where to get the best valued deals on travel products or services. Once you click on an offer, you leave Liligo’s site and land on the provider’s page to make the reservation.

How OTAs can Partner with Liligo

OTAs can join forces with Liligo through a long-term partnership agreement that provides for the Liligo flight API integration. The integration facilitates communication between applications via their APIs. Once the API is integrated, these applications can request and share data with each other seamlessly.

Since, travelers nowadays prefer to open multiple travel search engine tabs for the best travel deals, instead of visiting OTAs or airline sites, it is crucial for the OTAs to have presence in travel meta search engines as well.

How Travel Portal Solution Connect OTAs with Liligo

Being a leader in the market of travel technology, Travel Portal Solution offers an agile technical support that empowers OTAs to stand out in a competitive market. However, having a robust website with efficient design won’t bring you clients unless it’s integrated with APIs. Travel Portal Solution offers Liligo meta integration to OTAs, so that they can publish their fresh deals on Liligo’s website from where users are redirected to your page for reservations.

Bottom Line

Although Liligo is a Europe-based meta search engine, it aggregates travel products from all over the world. It drives direct bookings as it redirects users to your website for the reservation. When you are on Liligo, it allows you to mix-up your distribution channels, so that you are never dependent on a single booking channel.

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