Google Meta Integration

About Google Meta Integration

Google meta search engine displays the best airfare provided by the OTAs, which enable users to search and compare airfare across multiple channels without having to open different tabs. It partners with OTAs and aggregates their data to show real-time pricing, timetables, schedules, duration, number of stops, and arrival and departure points. Google Meta allows passengers to find cheap flights, explore destinations on map, and sign up for fare alerts within a few clicks. Here, we will discuss why OTAs require Google meta integration.

Travel Portal Solution assists you to integrate Google meta that enables you to display your deals on their website. If a user clicks on the best value deal that suitables to them, Google meta redirects the user to your website, where they can make the purchase.

Why OTAs Need Google meta Integration

Google meta helps travel booking portals to get multiple channels for direct bookings. It increases the chance of getting visible by potential customers. OTAs are investing extensively in travel metasearch as publishers to build multiple sales channels, so that they do not have to rely on one specific channel for bookings.

Travel Portal Solution ensures that OTAs are equipped with an agile travel booking website, which is integrated with Google meta search engines. This integration further ensures that the conversion rates remain high. Travel Portal Solution also focuses on accurately optimizing listing on meta search engines. OTAs can monitor the performance on Google meta engine and analyze customers data to increase visibility and conversions.

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