Cheapflights Meta Integration

About Cheapflights Meta Integration

Cheapflights is a meta search engine, managed by KAYAK, a subsidiary of Booking Holdings. It helps users search and compare the most suitable flights, hotels, and car rentals from a number of airlines, travel agents, and travel service providers. This global search and travel deal website uses robust technology to source the best value deals quickly. OTAs are publishing their fares on Cheapflights through Cheapflights meta integration.

OTAs targeting the US traffic can be part of Cheapflights affiliate program. However, those publishers with traffic coming from outside the US, can get in touch with Cheapflights Global Affiliate program in Webgains. Moreover, agents who publish their fares on Cheapflights are charged on a pay-per-click basis for users, who are directed to the agents webpage through Cheapflights.

How OTAs Can Benefit From Cheapflights?

The reason travel agents, flight booking agencies, hotels, and car rental companies publish their fares and packages on meta search engines is- the high conversion rate. When an agent publishes their fares on Cheapflights and a user clicks on the deal, Cheapflights redirects the user to the agent’s page, where they can easily make the reservation and transaction directly. It enhances the chance of getting more users from third-party channels.

However, it is not easy to publish fares on Cheapflights. Your website must have 200,000 unique monthly visitors. You can get in touch with Travel Portal Solution, a leading travel technology provider, who can help you achieve the target. You can consult for in-depth knowledge about Cheapflights meta integration with the industry experts at Travel Portal Solution. From taking care of the documentation process, monthly visitors to your website, to publishing your fares on meta search engines, Travel Portal Solution ensures comprehensive technical support.

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