How Can Hotel Industry Extranet Boost Hotels Online Performance

Whenever we talk about the hotel industry, the first thing that comes to our mind is- lots of photos and reviews. No one can deny the fact that photos and reviews are two elements that set the travelers’ expectations and affect their decision to a great extent. There are many other things that reflect the online presence of a hotel. First of all, the travelers look for the hotel industry details in the hotel profile. Hotel extranet is the latest advancement that helps the hotel authority and the travel agents to keep the travelers always updated and informed about that particular hotel.

To reap the full benefits of hotel industry extranet technology, you need to understand the search process of the modern travelers.

How Do Modern Travelers Search Hotels?

According to a survey, almost 47% travelers tend to use meta-search sites in order to compare the prices and facilities of different hotels. Once the traveler chooses a destination and fixes a budget, all he needs is to find a suitable hotel. In most of the cases, the travelers begin their search keeping a particular image in their minds for those hotels that adhere to some preferences, such as accommodation type, style, facilities, and other services. Therefore, you need to showcase the best services and facilities your hotel offers. Hotel Industry Extranet makes this task easier for the hotels and the travel agents. It showcases your hotel details, meta-data etc. Meta-data is a technical term that includes all the information related to the hotel. Meta-data describes each of the assets of the hotel and inform the travelers what they will be offered- check-in policies, Wi-Fi facilities, parking etc.

How Hotels Extranet Drives Travelers To Your Hotels?

The revolutionary improvement in meta-search engines has made hotel extranet extremely important in the travel and tourism industry. It connects the distribution channels across the world. Apart from this, the hotel extranet service provider can provide you with a clear understanding of the development process and networking. With the help of a hotel extranet, travel agents will be able to monitor how many channels are available. This technology helps the travel agents deal with each of the available hotels separately.

Key Features Of Hotel Extranet

  • User-friendly platform for the hoteliers and travel agents
  • Deals with hotel prices, contents, and other data from a single access point
  • Connects multiple hotels to travel agencies, GDS, and mobile booking engines
  • Handles multiple distribution channels
  • Manages room facilities and deals
  • Notifies the travel agents and the hoteliers in the event of booking, confirmation
  • Sends verification email and SMS
  • Optimizes the hotels’ content according to the requirements
  • Closed to Arrival
  • Closed to Departure
  • Minimum Stay through
  • Per Person Supplement
  • Free Sale
  • Breakfast Option

A Final Takeaway

Since hotel Industry extranet automates the processes that were previously done in a manual way, the bottlenecks get disappeared and in return, the productivity of your hotel or travel agency will be increased. Important information will never get lost and the travel agents will never skip the key events. If you can hire a reliable hotel extranet service provider, you will be able to reduce the margin of error. Above all, a hotel Industry extranet system can save your money and time.

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