How technology has changed the travel industry is a question that needs no explanation. Millennial travelers have seen the prodigious transformation of travel agencies and this transformation occurred within a few decades. For a company which has been resistant to incorporating evolving technology, travel and tourism industry is committed to touching every horizon of customer experience. The travel industry has come a long way. For example, earlier during the days when travel agencies were ruling, travelers had to make an appointment to get a transport ticket booked. The services were limited and customers had to pay a hefty amount of money as a commission to the travel agencies. With the advancement of technology, travel industry is upgrading itself to be more efficient and reliable and is integrating more and more features to provide all-round services to travelers.

Technology has divided travel industry into two categories- suppliers (airlines, hoteliers, car rental and bus service providers etc.) and buyers (travel agents and travelers). With an unshakable, concentrated distribution channel, travel agent aggregates the services provided by the travel suppliers and distribute it among the end-consumers. With everything going online in travel industry, most of the travel agencies have started integrating some important features to make the business run uninterruptedly. The services are no longer limited to only booking for a particular place and specific flight or bus or train, rather with the implementation of travel technology solution, the only booking software of each travel agency is getting access to the largest inventory of aviation industry, global hotel industry, bus service, car rental service, railway sector and a complete holiday package that includes the whole travel itinerary

These software or booking engines are designed in a way that the control stays in the hands of the travelers so that they can pick up the preferred travel itinerary from the web-based channel that provides them with the widest range of options to select. When a travel agency considers integrating flight API, it enables them to receive real-time information on the availability of flight, seat layout- so that the potential passenger can select his preferred seat, price, facilities and many more. The best part of such engine is, it gives the client an opportunity to compare the price among several flights and airlines serving the same route at the same time or different time and the discounts they are offering.

Every traveler somehow or the other has encountered some unpleasant situation while booking an itinerary from a booking engine. Travel agencies along with their travel technology provider are working together to make booking experience more convenient. The job of a travel agency is no longer circumscribed by just only providing flight booking option, rather travel agencies have gone way too further than just giving services on transport services. Nowadays, traveler can find accommodation facilities, a complete season wise holiday packages and a lot more. The definition of a perfect travel itinerary is to facilitate the traveler with both transport and accommodation facility and along with that a travel agency must provide local transport facilities too. Hotel XML API lets the travel agency to connect themselves with hotels from all over the world.

The travel industry is proliferating its wings rapidly and those who are investing smartly won’t fade away from the scenario any time soon. Here, investing smartly means to gain profit by integrating a flexible yet advanced technological solution to amplify the business domain.

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