A well-equipped, well-designed, and well-developed website has a huge impact on the user. It is the first impression a user can have about the business and quality of services you are dealing with. The market will be increasing and demands will be changing and to survive in such a pliable market, the digitalized platform should be adaptable so that the client doesn’t have to lack behind from your services and move away from you to get more smart components. An ideal website always concentrates on engaging users, educating travelers about the latest trends and developments, and converting bookings. But a bad website will always erode your credibility and ruin your reputation in the market.

The travel industry is one of the most promising businesses ruling the world in recent times. It can’t be wrong if I say that the industry is dealing with the whole population of the world. I am saying this because almost every person in the world somehow or the other travels from one place to another, thus utilizing the travel services. To cater to the needs of such a huge population, it is intensely essential to build a platform that is technically advanced and deliver the required services instantly without any halt.

Travel business assures you high margin profit, but the market is quite competitive and to ensure your survival in the overcrowded market, you have to be careful in taking each step. Nowadays, every travel agency is considering getting a digitalized platform, which is technically advanced. But just to develop a website or mobile application is not enough and travel agents make many mistakes in this regard. They just invest the money in developing a website and think, clients, will come to them naturally. This is not true and you have to be somehow or the other engaged to take your business to your clients.

Let’s discuss the mistakes we make in this regard.

Poorly Optimised Website

When planning a trip, a customer searches many sources and as an online travel agent, it is your prime responsibility to make your website look promising and alluring. It must be well-designed so that the user doesn’t get puzzled in navigating his preferred service. The portal should be well-equipped so that you don’t miss out an important component or service, which might make the user leave your site instantly. When you consult with your travel technology provider, ask them to show you a demo, so that you can imagine the future of your site.

Difficult Booking Process


Millennial prefers purchasing products and services through online booking sites and apps because of the convenience it provides. So, if they find your website difficult and hazardous to use, they will leave you instantly. If your website booking process is slow, time consuming and confusing, you are going to lose bookings.

Not Device Friendly Site

When you develop a website or app, it is important to look whether the site or app supports all devices or not. Modern user books services or purchase products through mobile apps and so it is important to have a site or app which has the ability to run smoothly in any device.

Insecure Booking And Payment Gateway

If your website lacks a secure booking system, you will lose clients. When the client buys a product through online, they prefer paying it through an online payment gateway and if they find a security threat, they will definitely move out from your site.

Not Co-Operating With Other Travel Content Suppliers

To amplify the realm of a travel business,  you must consider collaborating with the travel content suppliers which have the ability to deliver the services you are aiming to offer your clients.

There are many things to avoid if you want to maximize the sales of your business. The best solution is to find out a travel portal development company, which has a professional, well trained, and experienced technical team, who is round the clock ready to assist you to increase your customer base.

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