How Online Travel Business Is Touching New Heights With XML API Integration

Today, almost all travel company provides an online travel portal to their customer as they think it gives them the ability to explore dynamic opportunities to offer out of the box services to their potential customers. Undoubtedly with the proper implementation of technology, the travel industry is touching new heights and will continue to do so even in future too, but their focus should remain in consolidating the travel contents from multiple global travel content suppliers and further distribute it among the clients and enable them to create their itinerary as per their choice and convenience. It also helps the traveler to compare the different price of different suppliers, so that at the end they can purchase the one which they feel is affordable to them. For anyone who wants to go out on a vacation with family or friends, booking a flight, selecting his preferred seat, arranging accommodation facilities in an alien land is undoubtedly a daunting task and here an ideal travel agency could come to your rescue by offering an incredible service each time you make a plan for traveling. Whether it is a flight booking option from multiple airlines or accommodation service from hoteliers, people prefer comparing the availability, seat layout, prices and offers from an online network and here comes in the picture- Flight XML API and Hotel XML API.

Apart from flight and hotel booking service, OTAs are also considering car and bus API to provide all in one service to their customers.

Flight Api

When an entrepreneur or a businessman plans to invest in travel business, the first thing he should understand is the market and how is he going to aggregate the huge data of airline inventory system. To consolidate such huge data, travel agencies should coordinate with multiple airlines and it can only be possible if they acquire a web-based network. When a travel agency integrates flight booking XML API integration into their system, it gives them easy access to the real-time data of the availability, destination, date and time, price and discounts, seat layout and many other facilities. It enables the customer to get live information and status of the flights and ability to compare prices among multiple airlines so that they can make a purchase according to their wish and will.

Hotel Api

Modern travel agencies are not just providing transport booking service. Rather technology has empowered them to provide lodging facilities too. It further empowered the travelers to book a hotel at the same time when they book a flight, bus or other conveyance services. Just like flight API, API provider for hotel, helps travel agencies to receive extensive data of worldwide hotels and further encourage travelers to book a room. When it comes to Hotel API, the core idea is to provide the complete itinerary package to the clients. When someone makes a visit to a far distanced place, he or she must look for an accommodation facility that is best-suited to them and at the same time is secure.

Bus Api

Integrating Bus API allows you in route creation, allocation of routes to a different bus, real-time seat availability and selection and online booking of the bus along with multiple payment gateways.
It is not an easy task to cater to the needs of the frequently changing demands of millennial travelers. But with XML API Integration, you can make sure that you are having an updated version of the travel booking system, which has the ability to encourage millennial travelers to book services from you.

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