Hotel Extranet System: Streamlining Hotel Reservations

Check what is an hotel extranet system and if you are well aware please continue reading. Hotel API extranet is one of the most effective and highly preferred tools for any travel portal development company of repute. It is a hotel central reservation system used by travel agents, resorts, and hotels. It provides hotelier access to their room inventory and rate amendments whereas the hotelier is allowed to add or remove their room inventory and apply a dynamic rate for their room category. In this way, these changes will be availed only for those OTA web visitors.

This computerized system revolves around storage and distribution of information regarding the hotels, resorts, or other lodging facilities. These bookings are integrated to alert the hoteliers by email or fax. All the bookings are reviewed by the concerned reservation assistance in a particular hotel which can block the chosen room on their PMS in a manual way.

Hotel managers can use this tool to manage their marketing avenues. Hotel API extranet also helps to project the hotel rates and availability.

Major Functions Of Hotel Api Extranet

  • Flexible and user-friendly platform for travel agency
  • Manages hotel rates, content, availability from a single point of entry
  • Controls multiple distribution channels
  • Deal with room facilities and offers
  • Handles supplements- both mandatory and optional supplements
  • Alerts about booking, confirmation, and verification via Auto email and SMS
  • Optimizes content as per the requirements of the travel agents or hotel authority

Single travel portal solution for multiple connected channels

Hotel API extranet not only connects all the distribution channels across the globe but also offers you an insight into the development of connections based on the demands of the hoteliers. Additionally, it will let you monitor how many channels are there and you can manage them separately as well.
With the hotel extranet tool, you can manage a number of room types simultaneously. When you manage more room types at a time, the more information will be transferred via a channel management system to all the available extranets; each will operate at a different speed. More the information will be transferred; more will be the pressure on speed and performance.

Easily connects to a new channel

It can quickly connect to a new channel such as inventory, booking management, fare management, content management, or data management. A Hotel API out of Hotel Extranet can also be integrated into the various portals to display the rich inventory.

A Final Takeaway

The list of features of Extranet does not end here. It possesses a bunch of advanced features including:

  • COD or closed to Departure
  • Closed to Arrival
  • Minimum Stay through
  • Per Person Supplement
  • Free Sale
  • Breakfast Option

Hotel Extranet function updates social media, OTAs, hotel website, GDS, and metasearch. But all of these features need to be implemented properly. Only a reliable and experienced travel portal development company can help you reap all these benefits of hotel extranet.

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