Look to Book Ratio (L2B)

It is a travel industry’s jargon. Travel agents having the API integrated in their website must know what it is? Let’s understand the details about look to book ratio.

Look – Number of searches for fare

Book – Number of tickets booked

Basically it compares the proportion of searches to the proportion of bookings received. Example – 1 booking on 100 searches. How many no. of bookings have been done on at a particular no. of searches done?

Why Look To Book Ratio Is Necessary?

When you purchase an API from AmadeusGalileo or any API provider. They always mention the L2B ratio to maintain while using the API.

As the customers come on website and search for a fare, the request goes to the server and server gives back the response. In this procedure server’s bandwidth gets consumed. The server’s bandwidth is consumed extensively through a lot of searches as a result it raises the server maintenance cost. Moreover no booking on such extensive search is a complete loss. That is why every API provider company gives you a L2B ratio to maintain. Every company may have different policies about the ratio.

Sometimes API provider company can give you a limited searches per month. After exceeding those searches you might be charged for extra searches. In some cases high no. of searches doesn’t matter if the ratio is maintained by website. So, we recommend to consider these policies before seriously you purchase any API.

If you are having any query please comment so that we can clarify it.

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