How to Get Galileo API

The integration of Galileo API into your website allows you to book flight tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, and other travel-related services. Being one of the major GDS, Galileo serves travel agencies and tour operators as one of the world’s largest distributors of travel content. The reason behind its popularity among travel agencies is because it offers a full-features travel booking system and facilitates the integration of travel products and services.

Galileo API Integration

The integration is a very simple procedure. You can either integrate Galileo API directly from Travelport that owns this computer reservation system or consult with a local distributor. Here is a step-wise guide of Galileo API Integration:

  • Request Trial access of Galileo API and submit a form on Travelport’s website.
  • Select Galileo free of cost and you will receive a key.
  • The next step is to test the integration. Once you are done with the testing, contact an account manager from your profile or Travelport and they will provide you with the authorization.
  • After the authorization, contract finalization and certification will start. During this pre-production stage, you will be asked to complete a Universal API Requirements Questionnaire to evaluate your capacity needs.
  • After that, you need to request a sales representative call to review your questionnaire and finalize certification.
  • At this stage, you will receive the API certification. Ensure that your developers and system comply with Travelport’s requirements. Additional instructions will be provided by your account manager.

Galileo API Features

The integration comes with various features, which allows you to access a vast travel content data. Here is what you can get with Galileo API integration.

  • Online travel agent software, including B2B, B2C, B2B2C, Corporate Module.
  • Single or multiple PCC Interface.
  • Airline Reservation System
  • Hotel Reservation System
  • Car Rental Booking system
  • Bus Reservation System
  • Cruise Reservation System

How Galileo API Integration Help Travel Management Companies

In layman terms, it integrates all travel entities in one place and allows its access from a single dashboard. It caters to all the needs from flight reservation to hotel booking, renting a car, transfers, and booking a complete holiday package. So, whether you want Galileo Airline API Integration, Hotel GDS, or rental car GDS, or want everything altogether, Galileo is your best bet.

How Does Galileo Work?

The Galileo API facilitates the connection between travel agents and various travel services such as airlines, hotels, and rental car companies through a single platform. The software is linked to a database of various agencies, giving them access to real-time information about seats, pricing, availability, and discounts, and more. It improves the effectiveness and worth of travel business operations for both suppliers and customers, offering them an advantage over competitors.

One of the best perks of integrating Galileo API into your system is it gives you access to global low-cost airlines and multi-source travel services and products through a single API. In simple words, it connects businesses across multiple travel channels. The main advantage of the Galileo API is its ability to distribute travel services worldwide to both travel agencies and their clients. Moreover, it gives travel management companies constant access to real-time pricing and availability, enabling them to make reservations on behalf of their clients at any time of the day.

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