How to Get Amadeus Software Training

The Amadeus Training course is ideal for the beginners, who want to discover the system and implement its functionalities into their business. In this article, we will discuss the Amadeus software training course, its cost, and how long it takes to complete the course. But before that, understand why travel agents considering Amadeus software should get the training.

Importance of Amadeus Software Training

Most travel companies use Amadeus GDS to get access to flight inventory, hotel inventory, car rentals, and more. If you or your in-house developers are well-trained in airline coding, airport coding, then you can learn phonetic alphabets, which are the communicative terms between the travel agents. However, it is just the base and the course gives you a complete training on how to use the software and how to implement it. The training ensures that you make the best possible use of Amadeus solutions.

Course Overview

Amadeus is an industry-standard booking and reservation system used by travel companies worldwide. Many travel agencies connected with Amadeus API hire persons who are trained and certified in Amadeus software. So, if you have the training and skill in this sector, you can easily get hired by these travel management companies. It holds 35% of the global travel market and is widely used in Europe, America, and Asia. The course is compliant with the IATA’s GDS requirements.

The Amadeus Software Training Course

You have only 24-hours of access to the Amadeus system simulator. With the training course, you can learn the following:

  • Pre GDS Basic sessions
  • Nato Phonetic
  • AIS Access type indicators, additional hotel entries, and addresses
  • Help system hotel segment modification
  • Amadeus GDS Reservation
  • Amadeus GDS Fare Quotations
  • Amadeus GDS Segmentation
  • Amadeus GDS Classes change
  • Amadeus GDS PNR Generation
  • Amadeus GDS Classes Terms & Conditions
  • How to check airline penalties
  • How to check no show fee using Amadeus
  • Special Services Requests to Airlines (SSR)
  • Change of date and class in PNR and Itinerary
  • International Airport Coding Airlines Coding Learning strategy
  • Amadeus GDS Commands
  • Amadeus GDS Pricing
  • Amadeus GDS Coding
  • Amadeus GDS Booking / PNR Creation
  • Amadeus GDS PNR Cancellation
  • Amadeus GDS Fare Bases Penalties
  • Amadeus Master Pricer
  • Encoding and Decoding
  • How to issue E-ticket using Amadeus Ticketing Commands

Key topics the Training covers are as follows:

  • Introduction of airfares, analyzing itineraries, and retrieving fares from a GDS
  • Limitations on indirect travel, side trips, and surface sectors
  • Return trips in different classes of service and alternative fare breakpoints
  • Lowest combinations, round-the-world journeys, and class differentials

Significance of the Training Course Certification

Amadeus GDS training provides comprehensive instruction on pricing various types of journeys. The training includes practical experience using a simulation tool that mimics the Global Distribution System. This tool allows users to analyze GDS displays, understand mileage-based pricing, interpret fare rules, and issue tickets. Additionally, the training materials include an interactive workbook and reference notes covering GDS commands, maps, and important pricing terms and definitions.

Who Should Apply For The Course

  • Those who want to pursue a career in the travel industry
  • Those who want to become a travel consultant
  • Those who want to learn Amadeus GDS
  • Those who want to become a travel agent
  • Those who want to work for the airlines

Bottom Line

Getting trained in the Amadeus Software Training Course will earn you an IATA certification, serving as evidence of your proficiency in operating the Amadeus GDS system. If incorporating Amadeus GDS into your business is on your agenda, obtaining this training is crucial.

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