To strengthen online existence, every travel portal should opt for API XML integration. It helps your customers access your services and compels them to communicate with you on a regular basis. If you are looking for an interactive API (Application Program Interface), you need to consider a few extra measures.

XML based API offers extensible markup language and encodes a document to make it readable by both human beings and machines. This API integration is based on free open standards so that it can write and send information across different computers. It makes your portal management easy and organized. Let’s have a look at some other benefits you can get from API XML integration:

Cross Platform Support

XML integration does not depend on a single platform. Users can access it from a number of different devices seamlessly. It can gather information from your back-end database, no matter how different is the structure of this database. XML integration can be considered as a translator that can support a lot of programming languages and formats. Therefore, it enables the travel portals to help their customers compare the hotel price, rental car services, book air tickets etc.

Full Customisation

Since XML is able to work on different platforms, it allows the online travel agencies to customize their API XML integration. For instance, you are free to choose any payment gateway of your choice or use any distribution channel. Engaging contents are the most effective elements that can draw the customers’ attention in no time. Customization feature of API XML integration helps you improve the content and layout of your travel portal.

Cost And Time Saving

By implementing API based on XML integration, you can save both time and money. It is a free open standard that you can use anytime readily. Apart from this, the process of API XML integration is quite easy.

Third Party Integration

API XML integration allows third-party tools. Through it, you can implement a flight tracking API, GDS API, tours API, car rental API, and bus API etc. Therefore, it helps you integrate a bunch of APIs under one roof.

Added Security

XML integration is one of the safest platforms for developing API based websites. Using it, you can promote your travel portal and introduce lucrative offers to gain more leads. You would get complete access to the database; hence other parties won’t be able to know the confidential information about the real provider. Additionally, you will also get your inventory maintained, and protected.

A Final Takeaway

Besides the aforementioned benefits, API XML integration comes up with a bundle of other benefits. For instance, it can offer you an immediate ROI (return on investment). It provides easy markup controls with which you can get a hold over a centralized inventory system. When you are using your own XML integration, you won’t have to look for any other platforms. With API XML integration, you can conduct real-time tracking of your platform.

These benefits are enough to make the travel portal owners consider API XML integration for their web portal. Also check some myths about travel api and its integration.

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