Flight Booking API

Flight API allows one company to legitimately access the flight inventory provided by the flight API provider. After completing flight API integration to your portal, you will get access to the flight data and your customers can book the flight after accessing a wide range of options.

Types of Flight Booking API Provider

Direct Airline API

Airline API providers or airlines itself provide direct airline API. Direct API integration of airline reservation systems eliminates the traditional distribution channel and lets the OTAs and TMCs directly deal with the airlines. OTAs and TMCs generally dealing with corporates that can direct business with airlines and go for such type of integration.


The global distribution system provides the global content of flight inventory. Generally, all full-service carriers’ inventory is available with GDS and some low-cost carriers associated with it. There are currently three main GDS API provider which is listed following:

  • Amadeus
  • Galileo
  • Sabre

OTAs or TMCs can choose for Amadeus API integrationGalileo API integrationSabre API integration, or conflate them for showing the result.

API 3rd Party API

In a country, there can be many 3rd party API providers. Generally, integration of a direct airline and GDS is expensive so a better alternative is The 3rd party API integration. It is a good option for mid and small size OTAs or TMCs.

Flight Meta Search API

This a new trendsetter in the travel market. Recently developed meta-search API integration sources data from different OTAs and presents it to the consumer to check the price and facilities available at different portals to make a quick and better decision. Travel agents who want to provide this facility can develop their own metasearch engine or can get API from an established meta-search engine.

Flight Booking API Cost

Now this question can have varying answers. It totally depends on the type of API.

Direct Airline API can cost anything from free to $ 35000. Travel agents having huge business volumes for the airline can get a free flight API or at a cheaper rate compared to a travel agent without volume.

GDS API cost range is between $3000-$5000 with search limits.

The cost of a 3rd party API may vary from a free flight booking API to $7000.

Flight Booking API

Features of Flight Booking API

The following are the prominent features of the flight booking API. Though it depends on the flight API provider, some API providers may not have such a service.

  • Global Airfare
  • Seat Layout
  • Add on services
  • Different fare types such as student, senior citizen, corporate, army, Flexi fare, SME fare, and family fare.
  • Real-time PNR generation
  • Web check-in
  • Option to hold PNR
  • Online rescheduling and cancellation
  • Multiple payment options available
  • Multilingual API
  • Support multi-currency

Benefits of Flight Booking API

If you are still depriving your business of the benefits of flight booking API integration, this is the high time you should ask a reliable API service provider for your flight API.

Save Times

Flight API integration makes ticket booking much easier and quicker since the interface is way too user-friendly. Once a booking is done, both the agency and the travelers will be provided with a confirmation email or message instantly.

Reduce Cost

No manual booking, no error. Naturally, you will be able to save lots of money with the help of flight API. Instant booking, real-time pricing, and availability on display save a huge amount of time and reduce the operational costs as well. A flight booking API integration will allow you to access all the airlines your API providers are partnered with.


You can integrate all the travel-related services with your own database and software. In this way, you will be able to host a web booking engine that can fetch real-time information from the API provider. Next, your customers will view the results immediately. You can customize this process in a way most convenient for the customer or agent. Along with this, you should incorporate a payment gateway to ease the entire process, from searching to the final transaction.

Flight booking API integration is a revolutionary technology that has made flight reservation hassle-free for the travelers and profitable for travel agents like you. Nowadays, people rely more on their mobile devices. Therefore, your flight API integration must be mobile-friendly.

Benefits of Flight Reservation API Integration on Mobile Devices.

Facilitates different cost-patterns of distribution model

You should realize how important the guests are for you. They are your ambassador. So, when they’ll be pleased with your services, they’ll recommend you to their acquaintances. In this way, you will be able to develop and expand your travel agency. By installing mobile-friendly flight API integration, you will be able to help your travelers search flight tickets along with price and other details and book the flight of their choice instantly from their mobile devices anytime, anywhere. This convenience is bound to please your clients.

Gathers more actionable intelligence

Mobile-friendly flight API integration helps the travel agencies to draw data and manage computations. These are also actionable insights that should be analyzed. In this way, indeed you can utilize these insights to provide the clients with better travel-related services.

Final TakeAway

In the travel industry, the most demanding service is perhaps flight booking. Reputed travel agencies use flight API integration to access their inventories and as a result, they successfully sell more. Once you’ve set up a  mobile-friendly flight API integration, you are all set to take your travel business to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Flight API Integration?

    Flight API Integration lets you access the flight inventory provided by the Flight API provider and display it on your platform according to your brand.

  • How do I get a Flight API?

    You can contact Flight API providers and take API from them. If you are in India there are many flight API providers in india.

  • How do I use SkyScanner API?

    Skyscanner provides the API, you can pay the cost and get the API from SkyScanner.

  • How do I get Flight data on my site?

    You can get the flight data through Flight Booking API.

  • Is there a Flight Booking API for booking Flights Globally?

    Yes, there are many Flight API Providing Global content such as TBO and Mystifly.

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