CarTrawler is a leading B2B car rental and mobility solution provider to the travel industry, based in Dublin, Ireland. Its end-to-end technology platform connects customers and travel companies to car rental service globally. It enables consumers to obtain regal-time car rental prices and availability. They build high-yield partnerships with travel businesses, such as airlines, online travel agents, and hoteliers by connecting their customers with private transfers, car rentals, and rail connections all over the world.

It provides a next generation car rental distribution system that not only offers car rental solutions, but also helps increase revenues for its customers and suppliers. With over 650 leading and independent car rental suppliers in 35,000 cities from 175 countries and airport locations, in 29 languages, quoting in multiple currencies through client websites and brand identity, it offers the largest car selection options in the world.

It has partnered with 70 international airlines and 500 travel companies around the world. It constantly analyzes the market prices to maximize its client’s fleet utilization and ensure that they sell services at the optimum price. It connects thousands of global partners and millions of customers directly.

Additionally, apart from providing private transfers, CarTrawler rental car, and rail solutions, it also provides exclusive sales channels. The world’s biggest travel brands have partnered with CarTrawler and are capitalizing on the revenue. It offers a seamless shopping experience and a single point of purchase for all of the ground transportation needs.

How CarTrawler Works

CarTrawler is a B2B provider of technology solutions that expands its partnered airlines and travel agencies offering to its customers, creating substantial ancillary revenue opportunities. It connects customers booking flights online with a range of ground transportation, from bus transfer to private car hire.

Airlines can generate additional revenue through providing a comprehensive retail experience. CarTrawler’s widget code seamlessly integrates into the airline’s system, allowing access to all passenger details and upcoming journeys. This simple line of code empowers airlines to offer their customers a complete shopping experience.

Cartrawler API

Travel Portal Solution is a leading travel technology provider that specializes in CarTrawler API integration. It provides the best API integration that enables travel portals to access the inventory of the market’s best travel service suppliers. With Cartrawler API, you can provide your customers with end-to-end travel service solutions. Cartrawler API connects you with multiple car rental service providers so that you can deliver a complete package from flight booking to airport transfers.

From bus transfers to private transfers, you can cater to all kinds of needs of travelers. Hence, the integration gives you success by leaps and bounds. The team of expert at Travel Portal Solution is round the clock available to assist you with solutions.

Bottom Line

CarTrawler is one of the world’s leading B2B car rental and mobility solution providers. It is a reputed brand, and many airlines, car rental companies and consumers have raved about its efficiency. CarTrawler reviews by its suppliers and partners suggest that it offers a comprehensive transportation service to travelers.

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