Yieldplanet API Integration

Yieldplanet, a leading provider of hotel software solutions, in channel management distribution, and revenue management, connects hoteliers with hundreds of online distribution channels in real-time. Due to its efficacy and seamless Yieldplanet API integration, it is used by 4000+ clients in more than 60 countries. It is highly popular among hotels across the globe as it allows them to expand their reach and online bookings. It also helps hoteliers manage rates, availability, and reservations more efficiently.

What Is Yieldplanet

Founded in 2009 in Poland, under Yieldplanet SA, Yieldplanet is a software provider that serves the hotel industry through revenue and channel management. It provides easy-to-use solutions to meet and surpass the challenges of distribution and revenue management. It is focused on easing out the complications of hotel’s online distribution and pricing issues. It has presence in many European and American countries, including Poland, UK, Czech Republic, Spain, France, Romania, Argentina, United States, and Canada.

How Does Yieldplanet Works

It works as a bridge between hoteliers and online travel agencies. It automates the communication between suppliers and distributors. It provides hotels with real-time data that can be used to optimize revenues, pricing, and manage room inventory. At the same time, OTAs can receive real-time inventory of hotel’s room availability, pricing, and other details. It provides an excellent price optimizer to maximize revenue.

Yieldplanet API Integration

The Yieldplanet API integration ensures high connectivity quality and dynamic flexibility in revenue and online distribution management. It is integrated with 500 channels that enables you to reach a global market. Travel Portal Solution seamlessly integrates your website with Yieldplanet API, through which hoteliers can update their room inventory, price in real-time and make sales to multiple distribution channels through its channel manager.

Features of Yieldplanet API

  • Availability of multiple online distribution channels
  • Seamless integration with PMSes
  • Automated, rule-based channel manager
  • Access to accurate analytics

Yieldplanet channel manager is a precise distribution channel that enables hoteliers to synchronize data between properties and hundreds of OTAs and GDS. Due to its seamless operation of distributing travel data across industries, it is one of the popular platforms among hoteliers and OTAs.

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