Why Should Travel Agents Integrate Bus API Into Their Portals?

The world is going digital. To keep up with the current market, the travel industry is also covering itself with the wrap of digitalization. Travel agencies are inclining to web-based services that can increase their benefit share. These days, bus API integration is a trend common in the travel agency. Most of the web services in the travel agency are propagated by bus API integration.

Online services are greatly facilitated by API integration. When the travel agents integrate bus booking API into their website or mobile app, then they are actually making it fetch data via XML to those website or portal. In this way, the travel agencies can get the data without any manual intervention.

XML API integration allows a bus service to aggregate bus inventory from multiple smaller bus operators and distributes their own inventory online through a B2C or an agent portal. A web-based bus API integrated reservation system offers advanced reservation solutions that help the travelers select from multiple date, choose ticket or route options, select seats, and finally making payment to book the seat. Bus API also includes certain functional features such as allowing multiple seat configuration, baggage options, booking reservation and cancellation policies along with dynamic packaging features on the Internet.

Bus API integration helps to manage multiple trips, point-to-point, or multi-leg facilities making online booking easier for the customers. It can include both single and round trips. It includes the innovational proprietary algorithms that can manage multi-leg, one-leg back and forth round trips.

Let’s have a quick glimpse at some of the major features of bus API:

  • Easy design customization and layout
  • Fully integrated into the website
  • Dynamic packaging
  • Shopping Cart features
  • Advanced yield capabilities
  • Uploading banner images
  • Email or message notifications at new registrations, passwords changes, booking cancellation etc.
  • Detailed analysis
  • Custom promo code

Apart from these, the agents can get easy printing of ticket option, tracking daily booking, record of past reservations, records of ticket cancellation etc. With the help of  Bus API integration, the travel agents can get the real time feed of some of the most reliable bus operator available on several routes. The integration of bus API into the website will transform the website into a booking engine.

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