Difference between White label solution and API Integration

Most of the time people are confused between the technical jargon of travel technology and they cannot make decisions for travel portal development. This article will help to clear the difference between White label solution and API Integration. Two different types of travel portal development and help in making a better decision.

We’ll check the difference between White Label solution and API integration. To know the difference between them first we must have a brief understanding about them. Please check out details about white label solution and API integration in linked articles. After checking the articles you can check the following differences mentioned to enhance your understanding.

BasisWhite Label SolutionAPI Integration
ModelIt is a SaaS model. In layman terms it is a ready made product.It can be a ready made as well as custom built module.
Additional developmentAdditional features are provided to all the clients using the platform irrespective of their choices.Additional features are provided as per the clients requirements.
CostCost wise it is cheaper.Cost wise it is expensive.
TimeframeIt can be delivered in 3-5 days.It requires a minimum time of  15-20 days rest depending on the customisation needed.
Recommended forIt is ideal for travel startups and those who just want to showcase an online presence.It is recommended for those who have at least 2-3 year old travel agency or who want to start an online travel agency at a good level.
All the resources like consolidator’s API, sms integration and mail integration are inbuilt and ready to use.
All the resources are provided by the TMCs to be integrated in the portal. The ownership of all the resources belongs to TMC.

If you still have any doubt or questions please feel free to take support on call or you comment to ask your question and we’ll revert to assist you.

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