Vertical Booking Channel Manager

Vertical Booking Channel Manager is one of the most trusted and agile platforms for hotels that help them manage their distribution. Being a major hotel channel manager, Vertical Booking is trusted by more than 6,400 chains and independent hotel clients. With Vertical Booking, you can collect and arrange a direct booking together with all the reservations of the multiple booking channels at once. It provides a complete and flexible CRS (Central Reservation System) solution to manage reservations on all channels with special marketing tools to maximize revenue.

What is Vertical Booking Channel Manager

Vertical Booking, based in Portland, Oregon, USA, is a global reservation technology company that was founded in 1999. It has presence in more than 100 countries and works with more than 6,000 chains and hoteliers. Vertical Booking has technology solutions for hotels. These include a reservation system for booking rooms through GDS, a booking engine with spa and gift certificate, a channel management system, a destination management system, and a call center application for reservations.

It is multi-lingual and offers solutions in 29 different languages and supports multi-currency to cater to clients from different regions. It delivers integrated reservation solutions to maximize the revenues of hotels. It is cost-effective, easy-to-use, adaptive, and reliable.

Vertical Booking API Integration

Those associated with the hospitality sector are well aware of how a well-advanced and tech-backed platform helps them manage multiple bookings, availability, current rates, and promotions. This is where you need a Channel Manager tool, designed to effectively manage online inventory, customer data, and price rates. It allows hotels to simultaneously update their inventory across multiple platforms, while keeping potential guests informed about the latest update.

Instead of manually monitoring multiple sales channels through traditional in-house methods, hoteliers and OTAs dealing with hotel services can easily manage their inventory with a channel manager tool. It also eliminates the chance of error and helps you keep track of each activity.

Travel Portal Solution, a leading travel technology provider, offers a seamless Vertical Booking API Integration. It provides hoteliers with a comprehensive and versatile CRS solution, with fully integrated modules, serving booking engine, channel manager, GDS meta search, OTA Price comparison, and beyond. Apart from leisure travelers, it allows hoteliers to manage corporate clients, tour operators, and agencies, who prefer to make advance bookings with specific tariffs. It enables them to manage overnight stays, special offers, early booking tariffs, last-minutes tariffs, and packages.

The integration provided by Travel Portal Solution enables suppliers, distributors, and search engines to access and update inventory while managing their own preferences.

Benefits of Vertical Booking Channel Manager

Hotels can avail multiple benefits of Vertical Booking API Integration. This Central Reservation System (CRS) for hotels and chains is considered to be the fastest and secure channel manager. Its back office is intuitive, has an easy-to-use dashboard, and a wide range of real-time graphs for all kinds of data. Furthermore, hoteliers can compare data with previous months or years to measure their performance.

Having a robust Channel Manager empowers hoteliers and chains with efficiency, centralization, automation, scalability, and customer satisfaction. It keeps your inventory up-to-date and increases online bookings. Travel Portal Solution believes in a future, where tech-backed solutions can proliferate the travel and hospitality sectors exponentially. With over a decade of experience and a highly-skilled team, it is empowering the travel agents, tour operators, and hoteliers with the best Channel Manager solution.

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