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An agile Travel Agency Software allows travel agents and tour operators to simplify sales, marketing, operations, and finance. With advanced software, you can integrate all your travel-related operations into one software. But how’d you get software that aligns with your business needs?

Travel Portal Solution, a leading travel technology provider, offers an advanced travel software solution for travel agencies of all shapes and sizes. With our cutting-edge technology, travel agents and tour operators can boost their sales, extend their database, and expand their sub-agent network within a short period of time.

Need of Travel Agency Software

Travelers book their itinerary online. From searching to comparing prices across multiple distributors, and finally booking a flight, hotel, car rental, or tour packages, everything is done online.

If you see, the day-to-day routine of a travel agent revolves around flight or hotel booking, scheduling, tour program creation, consultation service, vendor negotiation, activities booking, finding the best fares, and creating personalized tours. With the emergence of travel booking software, agents are no longer required to maintain excel sheets for their daily tasks.

It is important for online travel agencies, traditional travel agencies, destination management companies, tour operators, travel management companies, and travel advisors to invest in a robust and best online travel agency software.

Features of Travel Agency Software

  • Expand Sales Channels: Travel Agency Software helps travel agents boost their sales by easily adding and managing different sales channels. 
  • Complete Sales Automation: It improves efficiency and reduces operational costs with an automated sales workflow.
  • Improves Productivity: It improves productivity and drives your business in the right direction with smarter planning and decisions.
  • Payment Gateway Integration: Agents can add multiple payment gateways into their travel booking software.
  • Supports Multi-currency & Lingual: A sophisticated travel software supports multiple currencies and languages. So no matter which corner of the world you are in, you can expand your business globally.
  • Generates Quotes & Invoices Quickly: Generating instant quotes, invoices, and delivering quicker responses help businesses become reliable and efficient for customers.

How Travel Portal Solution Helps Travel Agents

We deliver a solution that satisfies your travel booking needs. Our robust software ensures minimal risks with high efficiency and security. Our software allows travel agents B2B and B2C flight booking, hotel booking, can rentals, tour packages, and also secured mid-office sales and manages revenues.

We understand that each business is unique and requires different tools and approaches to stand ahead in the market. So, we provide personalized service that aligns with your business goals. We design a business-oriented travel software, where you can check ongoing bookings, cancellations, refund, agent credit limits, new bookings, and beyond.

We offer a top-notch solution for B2B, B2C and corporate travel bookings with an admin panel.

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