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Paradores was founded in 1928 and headquartered in Madrid, Spain. Almost a century later, it now operates 97 Paradores in Spain and one in Portugal, with 5,986 rooms. Since Paradores is one of the most reliable hotel brands in the country, many OTAs, DMCs, and TMCs prefer to integrate Paradores API to make a stronghold in the Spanish tourism market.

This Spanish state-owned luxury hotel chain is the leading tourism company in Spain. It protects the country’s rich historical and cultural heritage, promotes local economy and eco-friendly choices. Most of its hotels are located in historic buildings or natural areas with special appeals.

It offers a comprehensive quality, accessible, and personalized services. Due to commitment for sustainable economy and environmental growth and protection, Paradores has become one of the most reliable hospitality brands in the Spanish tourism sector.

To get connected and to offer its impressive services, TMCs and hotel booking service providers invest in Paradores XML API integration. The integration empowers travel agents to amplify their services with Paradores, which make them a reliable brand in the Spanish and Portugal hospitality sector.

For the integration, you can connect with Travel Portal Solution, a reliable brand in the field of travel technology. It has enabled hundreds of online travel agencies to stay relevant and competitive in a cut-throat market. If an agency wants to focus on the Spanish travel market, we’d suggest them to get Paradores API, as Paradores caters to both business and leisure travelers.

With over a decade-long experience in travel technology, we integrate APIs that align with your business framework. Whether you are looking for GDS integration, LCC, flight API, hotel API, car rental or bus API, we will guide you with the best solution to amplify your business and generate revenues.

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