Having Mobile Application For Travel Agency With API: A Landmark On The Digital Landscape

The travel industry has come across many ups and downs in a very short period of time. With the advent of the latest technology, the old traditional travel services have been euthanized. This marked the beginning of a new dynamic era of the modern travel industry, which is both competitive and fierce. The invention of smartphones has tremendous effect on changing the travel experience of voyagers. It is the ultimate reason that travelers are taking the most out of the digitalized travel industry. Despite of their size, shape and budget, every travel agency is going online to get broader exposure into the market. The best part is, the latest technology allows them to go digitalized, thus making the travel and tourism sector as one of the biggest industry currently ruling the world.

When the tech-savvies saw smartphones taking charge of the world, they made it a medium through which e-commerce sector can easily outreach the respective potential clients. In travel industry, connecting the largest inventory of all means of travel and its relative services with a huge population is a crucial task. They felt the need of a solution that might work as an intermediary between the supplier and consumer.

Developing a mobile application that has been integrated with API for travel portal is the smartest way to revitalize your travel business. It not only gives you the opportunity to attract more and more customer engagement but also increases your sales revenue. There’s no denying that, the new generation is more and more indulged towards buying or shopping products through mobile applications. More than 85% of the current population is involved with mobile. People prefer buying services through the apps they have installed. So, if as a travel agency, you want to develop an app that can convey your services to the probable clients, you are actually going in the right direction.

Making the most of back-end API for an amazing mobile consumer experience is something that should be considered by everyone, who is looking for dynamic advantages of technology. This piece will showcase some proven tips of mobile API to enhance the OTAs.

Travel Services Application Must Include

  • Google maps, so that it can ease the process of locating an airport, hotel, sightseeing etc. convenient for the travelers.
  •  Travel planners, which can yield out pre-planned or customizable holiday packages and other services systematically. So that the client can get the best result and make a return every time they require the same services.
  • The app that can notify you about the nearest wifi and hotspot connectivity.
  • It should allow you to book the preferred ticket instantly (flight, bus, hotel etc.)
  • Necessarily be device friendly and must run on all kind of mobile devices.

When you Select A Travel Portal Development Company, The Benefits You Receive Are :

  • You can add mark-up to your agents/end customers.
  • Admin will receive the payment directly from customers.
  • It provides highly dynamic information returned from the XML pages.
  • Less maintenance of content, that allows you to concentrate on core task like marketing and advertising your business.
  • Reduces overhead costs.
  • Connect you with the airline and hotel inventory system.
  • Reservation management.
  • E-ticketing.
  • Third-party insurance API integration.

Apart from all of these mentioned above, it helps you to connect with a huge group of travelers. It facilitates them with the best possible services available from your side. Travel API Integration is not a new trend anymore as it has proven to be more high-powered and effective in the travel industry. If you are planning to amplify your travel business, it is recommended to give this dynamic feature a thought.

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