Kiwi Tequila API Integration

About Kiwi Tequila API Integration

Tequila, powered by, is a B2B platform that allows access to Kiwi’s content, technology, and services through Kiwi Tequila API integration. The travel industry runs through complex channels, where entities source data from each other and distribute the products in the market. This complex process requires innovative solutions. Hence, Kiwi is offering access via Tequila to what they have built- from technology to content to services for free to anyone in the industry so that they can focus on their products and enhance their service and channels.

What Is Tequila API?

With Kiwi’s Tequila, you can build your travel business application free of cost. For that, you will have to register yourself with Tequila API and have your API key. Once you subscribe and create a company account, you can easily access to Kiwi’s offerings and build applications for each of your use cases. Once done, you can access analytic data through comprehensive dashboards and reports and monitor your business and technical performance. Tequila also provides graphical interfaces to help create deep links and widgets. With it, you can manage your bookings, add ancillaries, change passenger information, and more.

Tequila API Features

Before you consider integrating Tequila API, check out its features, as to implement the basic search, you will require API calls and to complete the reservation, you need to call the API.

  • Location API: It allows you to search by region, such as cities, airports stops, and other locations.
  • Search API: With Search Tequila API, you can search by one-way or return itineraries.
  • NOMAD API: This API is designed for those travelers, who adds n-number of cities in their itinerary in any order.
  • Multicity API: It allows you to search multi-city itineraries, where travelers add one city to another, stay there for a few days and then continue their journey onwards.
  • Booking API: With Tequila’s Booking API, you can check if the price in the itinerary is still valid and if the itinerary is still available. It also saves the bookings, so that you can initiate the booking process, and it confirms once the payment is successful.
  • Webhooks API: With Webhooks API, provides other applications with real-time data.
  • Visa API: Visa API is for international travels, which allows you to check whether a passenger requires a visa for a specific country.

How To Apply For Tequila API?

If you are planning to integrate Kiwi Tequila API integration, get in touch with Travel Portal Solution, which ensures a seamless integration process. Being a travel technology provider that relies on agile technology to support OTAs, Travel Portal Solution not only connects you with Tequila API, but also assists you through the entire registration process.

Planning to integrate Tequila API, consult with our experts.

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