How Mobile Is Defining The Travel & Tourism Industry

The widespread use of the internet has made Tourism industry witness a rapid transformation throughout the last decades.  Currently, we are going through an era of mobile innovation. More than 85 percent of travelers around the world use Smartphone; 32 percent travelers out of this 85 percent tend to book air tickets or other travel-related services directly from their phones. Mobile wallets and mobile payments are comparatively new technologies which the travelers are rapidly adopting. This trend is changing the consumer behavior and expectations. The same scene is taking place in India like the rest of the world. Therefore a top travel portal development company in India should prioritize mobile technology.

Why Mobile Is Gaining Immense Significance

Oxygen to the Millennial

Majority of the world’s population spend most of their time on smartphone. Therefore, it is easier for the travel agencies to reach out to a large number of audience via mobile technology. The millennial and the gen-z consumers today use mobile to purchase, order, search, and book several services. Hence, E-commercialization has become a part of almost all businesses. Today, nobody goes out to book a bus, train or flight physically. They do this from the comfort of their home and that too with a few simple clicks.

Apple of Consumers’ Eyes

Consumers love to be flooded with multiple options so that they can compare available options or services and pick the one that meets their requirements. Today’s consumers are not only smarter but also more conscious than they were earlier. They know where to buy and how to find the right businesses for their requirements. Since everyone carries a mobile with them all the time, this searching and booking the services has become much easier. Is this not enough to make mobile travel technology the apple of the consumers’ eyes?

Well-Suited for Social Networks

Social media has become an integral part of our life. Mobile is more flexible for using social media than desktops. Through social media, business can understand the user’s interests and promote the specific services according to their interest. It helps businesses understand consumer behavior, which further helps the travel agencies to provide better services. Above all, through social media, it is easier to reach thousands of potential customers who love to travel or need to travel frequently for business purposes.

Rise of 4G Technology

In 2012, technology Pundits predicted that the world would be flooded with the mainstream adoption of 4G technology by the end of the year 2016, shifting a number of travelers to mobiles. Standing in the first half of 2018, you can see how the prediction has been turned into a burning reality. There’s no doubt that smartphones are going to dominate the world a few more decades, until the rise of a new technology.

How Mobile Technology Benefits Travel Industry

Customized Services

Modern travelers desire customized services, discounts, and promotional offers on their mobile devices. With the help of mobile technology, the travel agents can collect much more user data to tailor their contents and offerings, based on the consumer’s behavior.

Better Communication

It is really important for the travel agents to be in touch with the potential customers. Mobile technology enables the travelers to keep on rolling the conversation before, during and after the trip. It can notably inspire the consumer to use the service from the same agency again and again.

Paperless Vouchers, Tickets & Confirmations

Use of mobile technology in travel industry encourages the sustainable Tourism Industry. Mobile technology has made it possible to go paperless. Vouchers, tickets, and confirmation receipt are now available on the mobile in a fully formal format.

Seamless Connectivity

When a travel agency gets in touch with the travelers after their trip and asks them for feedback, it helps them understand where to improve and what customers love about the service. In this way, the travel agency can take notes from each trip they are conducting to improve and tailor their services and packages accordingly.

Easy & Secure Payment

With mobile technology, the travelers can search travel agents and book the services they need instantly. Moreover, when everything can be done online, then why not online payment. An online travel agency always integrate a secure payment gateway, so that customers can pay the amount online securely.

To reap all these benefits, you need to ask your travel portal affiliated company to make your online travel portal mobile responsive and user-friendly.

 Final Takeaway

If you are associated with a top travel portal development company in India, they will make your travel portal suitable for the mobile platform. If you are yet to implement it, search for a travel portal affiliate company which can do justice to your portal.

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