How GDS Is Changing The Course Of Action Of The Travel Industry

The travel industry associates are becoming more and more open to sharing data with each other. The travel industry is consisted of the travel agents, travel content suppliers, travel content aggregators, travel technology provider and finally travelers. The sole reason behind the huge proliferation of the travel industry is it offers a platform to those, who are associated with the industry, so that they can coordinate with each other and share their data and resources to each other and generate their revenues. Online travel agencies are aggregating global travel content data from the largest inventories of airlines, hotels, bus operators, car rental companies etc. and further distribute it among the travelers. Millennial travelers prefer booking from a site that enables them to search, select and purchase from multifarious options on travel content. For instance, when a traveler books a flight ticket prior to his journey, he also books a hotel room and check on to local sightseeing option and local transport. OTA nowadays not only offers flight booking option, rather it provides hotel booking, bus booking, local sightseeing option- overall a complete travel package. Modern-day travelers don’t require to put any effort into creating an itinerary, as they get it through OTA.

To cater to the needs of each traveler, OTA must concentrate on enhancing its resources and it will be possible only through a proper web-based channel. It should connect a wide network of travel service providers that helps online travel engines to make online computer-based reservation system. It should also connect the travel agencies to get real-time information about the largest inventory of flights so that clients can get the best services instantly. To accumulate such huge data, OTA needs to get in touch with the GDS system. GDS API Integration is an internationally acclaimed and sophisticated computerized system, that enables transactions between the largest travel service providers and travel agencies, such as flights, rental car, cruise, or hotel accommodation services.

Although, it was originally designed to gather airline inventory data, but now it has been expanded and OTAs are gaining more big data from multifarious sources or travel content suppliers.

Global Distribution Systems Are

  •   Amadeus
  •   Galileo
  •   Sabre

Gds Integration Solution

  •  Flight API
  •  Bus API
  •  Hotel API
  •  Car rental


When you consider Amadeus GDS API integration, you get easy access to the inventories of global travel content suppliers- from airlines to hotels and consolidate the data into your system, so that you can further streamline the aggregated data among your users.

The benefits of integration Amadeus API are:

  •      Provide information on both one-way and round-trip flights
  •      Your clients can search for flights by the name of the airport or city
  •      View detailed information about the availability of rooms, price and other amenities provided by the hotels
  •      Book the best-suited service instantly
  •      A fair fare information
  •      Filter options, so that the clients can search flights or hotels by location, price, and facilities
  •      Use frequent flyer programs
  •      Book a room or flight ticket instantly
  •      Cancellation of bookings or rescheduling the dates and time
  •      View price breakdown per day


There is nothing better than integrating Galileo API into your system, as it gets you the positive response from your clients. Galileo API Integration offers:

  •      Single or multiple PCC interface
  •      Flight reservation system
  •      Hotel reservation system
  •      Car, bus and cruise reservation system
  •      Online travel agent software (including B2B, B2C, B2B2C, and Corporate Module)


With it, you will receive an extensive array of flight, hotel, bus, car and cruise services from across the globe. When you integrate Sabre GDS API Integration, you empower your clients to select from alternate flights, hotels, car rental services etc.

The key benefits of integration Sabre API into your application are:

  • Provide a single point of access to the Sabre system
  • Uses XML, SOAP and travel industry standards
  • Extensive series of airlines, hotels, bus, car, cruise  PNR or Passenger Name Record and other miscellaneous services
    to access Sabre system
  • Frees you from constraints of existing systems and technology
  • Allows you to integrate any web service enabled functionality in your own customized application
  • Using event notification services minimize mid-office robotic polling and can reduce scan volumes

When you start a travel business, you must have a goal to achieve. To make it bigger in the industry, you must consider the integration of reliable and robust GDS API into your website to make yourself one of the largest aggregator and distributor of global travel content data.

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