Flight Booking Engine

Flight Booking Engine, provided by Travel Portal Solution, is integrated with the leading GDSs, LCCs, and consolidators through APIs. It enables your customers to search and make reservations for both domestic and international flights at the best possible rates. With an efficient flight booking engine, travel agents can easily manage bookings, ticketings, and handle customer queries. It is well-equipped with advanced inventory, agent login, admin panel, and customer management tools.

We build an engine that supports both B2B and B2C travel agents. Its modern, easy-to-use interface, robust architecture in the back, and access to a major third party airline supplier system make it the most reliable tool for agencies of any shapes and sizes. It helps agents handle multiple reservations efficiently by selling flight tickets directly from the back office system.

Build A Flight Booking Engine That Suits Your Business

At Travel Portal Solution, we understand every business is unique and their approach to elevate in a competitive market is different from others. Which is why we believe in personalization. We also believe that a technology-backed personalization that keeps you relevant to the market’s demand helps you in sustainable growth. So, when we build a B2C or B2B flight booking engine, we ensure all your requirements are addressed.

We Offer Superior Flight Content

Travelers visit a flight booking site when it provides them with multiple choices. With us, you can help users search and book flights on over hundreds of airlines around the world. Users can access details like baggage allowance, cancellation fee (if any), ancillary prices, and use filters and calendar view to find the right flight.

We Help You Expand Your Offerings

Whether you are new to the industry or already have carved a niche, and planning to expand your business with multiple offerings, we ensure you have the right support. Our APIs adapt to your business module. Integrating our APIs with your existing booking engine can help you expand your services.

Quick Access

We understand that in the travel sector, every minute counts. So, we ensure you get off the ground quickly with easy access and ready-to-use API. So, get documentation, tools, and resources to get started.

Features of Flight Booking Engine

  • We connect you with the leading GDS, like Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo
  • It is easy to use and has rooms for future integration
  • User-friendly interface and robust architecture
  • You can search and book one-way / round trip / multi-city flight tickets
  • Online flight booking engine backed by latest technologies
  • It can be B2B, B2C or both booking engines.
  • Highly responsive design and development
  • Round-the-clock customer support
  • Improves workflow efficiently and reduces costs

Flight Booking Engine is Beneficial for Travel Agents

A comprehensive online flight booking engine, backed by the advanced travel technology features enabled travel agents to expand their business for future growth. A fully integrated flight booking engine for travel agents takes care of the end-to-end business process and provides all required functions in the flight booking engine. 

It automates the online airline booking process thereby increasing revenue. Auto-cancellation and auto mailer and SMS reminders reduce the extra charges for travel agencies. With our booking engine, you can connect with the leading GDS and non-GDS flight API. It generates PNR and E-tickets via email or SMS. It also displays fare rules, allows passengers to select their seats, displays baggage allowance, supports frequent flyer programs, and an option to book multi-city flights, and more.

The flight booking engine provided by us is affordable for small, medium, and large travel agencies and delivers results faster. A fully integrated booking engine enhances the user experience.

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