Europamundo, a JTB Group subsidiary, is one of the world’s largest tour operators. It was founded in Japan more than a century ago and today, it has more than 150 companies and 900 offices worldwide. It accommodates more than 125,000 vacationers from 22 different countries.

Moreover, it is the only coach tour operator company in the world affiliated with UNWTO. Its system provides visitors with all necessary information, including destination-specific guidebooks, tourist and climatological data, and detailed information of accommodation. Its online system also allows you to obtain an estimated budget of your trip and you can also keep track of the availability.

Why Choose EuropaMundo API?

Having a travel API integration is the best choice for travel agencies and tour operators. It makes it easier for travel businesses and travelers to receive updated communications about their plans as well as access to exciting deals and plans or create their itineraries.

With Europamundo tours, travel businesses can easily accommodate vacationers with a myriad of choices.

You Get Flexibility with Europamundo

Each traveler has their own needs and preferences. Travel agencies and tour operators must make themselves ready to cater to each requirement. With Europamundo, a travel agent can easily create a trip that is tailor-made. With Europamundo, you can build a comprehensive international holiday package online. With its dynamic itinerary features, you can offer travelers the benefits of an economic group tour, while allowing them to customize the route.

How Travel Portal Solution Helps You Connect with Europamundo

At Travel Portal Solution, we believe in holistic growth, where those associated with the travel and tourism industry can connect with each other and grow their offerings. Travel agencies who want to be a part of Europamundo should connect with us. We assist them with the documentation process as well as make it easy for them to get all credentials.

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