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Corinthia Hotel is a globally renowned luxury hotel brand with properties in some of the world’s most affluent destinations. Each of its hotels are designed to offer grand opulence, exclusivity, and personal touch of hospitality. While its journey began as a family business, it now has grown into a large brand in the hospitality sector with distributors in multiple locations worldwide. Many travel management companies with hotel businesses invest in Corinthia Hotels API to be its franchise and enhance their own services.

Corinthia Hotel was originally opened in 1962 in Malta by the Pisani family. Apart from London, it now has presence in New York, Brussels, Bucharest, Rome, Riyadh, Dubai, and beyond. Each hotel it has created in any location globally is an honest tribute to the land’s local culture and architecture.

How to Get Corinthia Hotels API?

If you are looking for a hotel booking API that can diversify your business offerings, then investing in an API for an international luxury hospitality brand could be the best bet. As a global brand, Corinthia Hotels provides a full range of technical assistance and management services to other hotel owners and hotel booking service providers worldwide.

For Corinthia Hotels Chain XML API Integration, travel agents or hotel booking service providers should connect with a reputed travel technology provider. Travel Portal Solution is one of the leading brands in the travel technology sector that offers a broad range of services that work as additional support to travel portals. When we integrate travel APIs or hotel APIs in particular, we ensure your website or app function perfectly well.

We are a brand that offers a collective list of comprehensive booking engines, equipped with the most relevant APIs for hotels, flights, transfers, bus, car rentals, excursions, and customized packages. We assist small, mid-scale, or large travel enterprises with Corinthia Hotels API integration, so that they can easily access its inventory from anywhere, anytime.

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