Online travel agencies are always going through challenges thrown by the competitors.  The entire travel industry had witnessed a revolutionary enhancement when the Global Distribution System or GDS was introduced. GDS integration solution is a primary reservation tool that allows your business to stay one step ahead of your competitors. It exhibits a rapid yet steady growth in the travel industry. Travel agents use it for supplying travel products to their retailers.

Why Is God Integration Solution So Important ?

GDS API integration can be considered as a platform that enables the travel agencies or their clients to access travel data, book air tickets, compare various prices for flights, hotels, buses, etc. Major GDS integration solutions include AmadeusGalileo, and Sabre. With these solutions integrated into your travel website, you can earn a really huge amount every year. After all, these tools enable you to access the real-time inventories of airlines, hotels, and bus, car or railway services. Check here the detailed history of the airline reservation system.

Just try to visualize a large room with a number of roundtables, airline reservation employees are seated around. Whenever a booking request is called in, an airline reservation employee goes to a large rotating Susan placed on his/her table. This Susan contains file cards under cubby holes. Now, the employee pulls a card and marks the card to indicate that a seat is booked. Next, a ticket is written manually, the call is concluded and the picked index card is returned to the cubby hole.  The entire process of the reservation requires 90 minutes to 3 hours.

Relax! The picture you are asked to imagine belongs to the year 1953! GDS API integration has replaced this age-old process. Let’s explore the major benefits of GDS API integration:

The Benefits Offered By Gds Api Integration

1.Rises the number of leisure and corporate traveling

2.Inspires the international travelers to book travel services

3.Improves shopping experience and convenience of the online travel agencies

4.Avails services to the consumers globally

5.Updates the status of inventory in real-time data

6.Places the holiday booking services and inventories without affecting the marketing budget

A Few Important Aspects Of Gds Api Integration

Whenever you are going to choose a GDS integration solution, you need to consider a few aspects, such as:

– Assure that there is no commission fee for reservation delivery to the PMS

– Look for a system that is able to deal with pooled inventory

– Ask your providers for integration with front desk and PMS

A Final Takeaway

GDS integration solution has been serving online travel agencies for ages. Travel agents rely on GDS for its reliability, security, and speed. According to the market experts, the future of GDS API integration is really prosperous. GDS creates robust e-commerce tools to ease functions in the travel industry. With the advancement of time, GDS is satisfying the growing and ever-changing demands of airlines and hospitality industry. This reason is enough to believe that GDS integration solution will soon rule the entire travel industry.

Do you want to add any other aspect of the GDS integration solution that the article has missed to list? Please feel free to share your knowledge with the readers!

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