Global Distribution System- An Revolutionary And Evolutionary Development For Travel Industry

The recent years have witnessed how GDS or Global Distribution System has transformed the visage of the travel industry. It has increased the convenience of airlines more and more. Independent travel agents and OTAs use more sophisticated GDS API integration to search for the best available travel and accommodation and rates for their clients. The travel industry is highly ambitious and the competition is growing day by day. Every travel agency is collaborating with the travel technology provider to have better performance.

Galileo, Amadeus and Sabre are the three main systems of GDS. Through such advanced platform, travel firms can access the inventory of hotels, airlines, car rentals, bus reservations in real-time. GDS links all these services across all the primary reservation sectors i.e airlines, hotels, car rentals.

The GDS has been evolved to ease the early labor-manual intensive system. Earlier to book a reservation, one has to go in person to the travel agency and it’s a long tedious process since the traveler has to look for many things while booking. On the bright side, one can appreciate that the travel firms are coming forward to collaborate with various travel technology partners to work together to make more technological evolution and making the process more efficient and congenial for the clients.

GDS API is not a miniature, it’s a giant step towards the ontogenesis of travel industry. It delivers worldwide data, rates, inventory, real-time availability, offers of thousands of airlines, hotels spreading across the globe and many more to make the travel industry more informative and sophisticated.

GDS Integration Solution was evolved as the most important distribution channel for airlines, hotels, car rental companies, etc. It shows a rise across corporate or leisure travelers. It enables the travel firms to make their services available among the travelers, which is otherwise might not be possible to achieve efficient worldwide market penetration through direct marketing efforts.

The sole purpose of GDS API Integration is to yield the largest airlines, hotel and car rental inventory to the mass travelers and this is the ultimate reason, why the travel industry has become more revolutionized. Each and every travel firms are going for the gold and lured by the up growing market, more and more firms are evolving. Getting new players into the game can only have a positive impact on the industry and for customers. From the airlines’ perspective, their bargaining power is sort of improved by substitute solutions enabled by standards that meet their needs exactly. Technology may refine and integration methodology may change, blurring or merging separate functions like booking and other ancillary services. GDS will not fade away anytime soon and rather it will emerge as more sophisticated technology to propel the travel industry.

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