AirIQ API Integration

Travel agents who want to create their own Series Fares marketplace, where they can sell and manage series fares, onboard other different agencies into the same business, or let them buy or sell their fixed departure fares, it is very important for them to consider AirIQ API Integration. Being a travel technology provider, Travel Portal Solution can assist you to get registered with AirIQ or help you navigate their integration process.

Travel agencies are considering AirIQ API integration.

But before we proceed with the details of the integration, let’s understand Series Fares and Fixed Departures.

What is Series Fare?

When a travel agent books a flight or holiday package, the most discussed options are- Series Fare and Fixed Departures. When a travel agent pre-purchase tickets from an airline at a current rate for future travel, it is called Series Fare. It allows travel agents to get flight tickets at a lower rate, which they can sell to their customers at higher price, thus maximizing the profit margin.

Travel agents generally purchase series fares for busy sectors, during festivals, or during high peak seasons, when the demand is all time high. One of the benefits of Series Fare is it allows travel agents to sell tickets at a lower price than the current market rate, while still earning profit. For example, if a travel agent purchases tickets in advance at INR 2,100 and later the airline increases the fare by INR 4,200, travel agents can still sell those tickets at INR 3,200, which is lower than the market price and yet the agent can earn profit from it.

Just like Series Fares, Fixed Departures too are pre-purchased tickets for pre-scheduled group tours or package vacations that depart on specific dates and include a set of itinerary.of activities and destinations. It is mainly beneficial for those travel agents, who are into holiday package business as well. Moreover, it is also a cost-effective solution as a group holiday package includes flights, accommodations, activities, and meals at a discounted price as compared to booking each segment separately.

As mentioned above, Series Fare are pre-purchased tickets that travel agents purchase from airlines and then sell them in the market for higher rates. They can even sell those tickets at a lower price than the current market rate, while still earning profit. But it has some other benefits as well.

Travel Agents Can Offer Season Discount. During holiday or high peak seasons, flight fares are at their highest in comparison to normal days. Travel agents, who invest in Series Fare, purchase tickets from airlines before a holiday or high peak season and sell them at discounted rate during the season while still earning profit. It is an opportunity for them to maximize their sales by selling tickets at a lower rate than the market.

Why Should Travel Agents Integrate AirIQ API?

AirIQ, based in Siliguri, West Bengal, is a website dedicated to travel agents of all shapes and sizes. Since its inception in 2019, it has been providing fixed air departure to 50,000 + affiliates. It is one of the major distributors of the cheapest prices across India, and a large number of travel agents are investing in AirIQ API Integration due to its efficiency in selling flight tickets at B2B space.

Additionally, it provides information, pricing, availability, and booking details for both domestic and international travels.

How to Integrate AirIQ API

If you are a travel agent, looking for ways to increase your services across the globe, it would be wiser to invest in AirIQ API. Those who register themselves with AirIQ API, get a single search result window, transparent accounts, best commissions, fast bookings, lowest price, exciting deals, distributor module, and multiple payment gateways. Moreover, registered travel agents are entitled to get constant support from AirIQ, whenever any issue arises.

When you integrate AirIQ API, you can sell inventories offered by fixed departure brands like AirIQ. To access their inventory and for the integration, you need to connect with AirIQ. The integration helps you create unique features and benefits from travel agency software.

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