How to Get Galileo Software Training

The significance of GDS in the Travel Industry is known to all. Today, more than half of the world’s travel agencies and tour operators use GDS to book flights, hotels, or car rentals. So, learning how to use the Global Distribution System or GDS has many benefits and could mean securing your job in the travel company.  Having Galileo Software training allows leading travel agents to run their business efficiently and effectively. So, Professional development is very important for a travel agent planning to integrate Galileo GDS into their system.

Course Overview

Those who want to extend their career options in the travel industry can consider getting certification from Travelport after completing the training. By choosing Galileo course certification, you will get the complete knowledge of Galileo. From its basic to the advanced level. The course is designed in a way that candidates can easily learn how to explore and interpret GDS fares and enhance their knowledge in Galileo Booking System.

While there are multiple online courses available from different platforms, it is best to obtain certification directly from Travelport for a more comprehensive learning experience. This course, certified by IATA, offers practical training in a realistic simulated environment using the GDS simulation tool. Participants can effortlessly practice making simulated GDS entries, retrieving bookings, interpreting rules, searching and quoting fares, as well as issuing tickets.

Candidates can gain a practical understanding of working with Galileo GDS through this simulation training. The training includes an interactive workbook and reference notes on GDS command, maps, and key journey pricing terms and definitions to provide comprehensive support.

Course Format

This interactive course will take between 60-hour to up to 3 months depending on your previous knowledge and experience. You will have 12 months to complete the course and take the exam, which starts from the date you sign-up for the course. Additionally, you will have 100 login hours to complete the hours study. If you consume 100 login hours even before your exam, then you will not have access to the course content and you cannot take the exam.

Key Topics

  • Pre Galileo Basic
  • Galileo GDS Reservation
  • Galileo GDS Fare Quotation
  • Galileo GDS Segmentation
  • Galileo GDS Classes Change in Itinerary
  • Galileo GDS PNR Making Process
  • Mileage Fares and principles. Reading Fare calculation lines
  • Galileo GDS Classes Terms and Conditions\
  • Check Airline Penalties
  • Change in Class and Date in Itinerary and PNR
  • Encoding & Decoding
  • Issuing E-tickets in Galileo
  • Galileo GDS Availability
  • Galileo GDS Fare Display
  • Galileo GDS PNR Cancellation
  • Galileo GDS Pricing
  • Galileo GDS Coding
  • Galileo GDS Booking
  • Galileo GDS Fare Bases Penalties
  • Checking No Show Fee Using Galileo
  • SSR Request in Galileo for Passenger Special Service, Encoding
  • Galileo Pricing Expert

Once you learn and get hands-on experience on aforementioned topics, you will be able to start your travel career.

What Will You Learn

  • Price and ticket airline journeys
  • Identify how a fare is applied to the journey
  • Read, interpret, and apply routing fare rules
  • Retrieve and interpret fare quotes, rules, and tickets
  • Issue tickets

Who Applies For the Course

  • Reservation and ticketing desk agent
  • Travel agents
  • Airline ticket agents
  • Business process outsourcing and call center agents
  • Any travel and airline professionals involved in issuing air tickets

Bottom Line

Having knowledge about the Big Three of GDS is crucial if you are seeking career opportunities in the travel and airline sector. Being certified in Galileo GDS increases your chances of being employed by travel companies and airlines. This training equips you with the skills to efficiently handle ticketing and non-ticketing sales using Galileo GDS software.

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