Benefits of Corporate Booking Tool

After understanding what is a corporate booking tool and its nature, now let’s see Benefits of corporate booking tool development

Benefits Of Corporate Booking Tools For Travel Agencies

  • A travel agent might not be available to assist corporate every time. But CBT is accessible 24*7, anytime and anywhere. This way travel agent can assist many corporate with single portal with no hassle and without being available.
  • Each corporates get its personalized services. In dynamic CBT, all the rules and policies are implemented as per the operations of corporate. There is no tension to train staff about dealings with different corporates.
  • When most of the work is automated the travel agents have more time to focus on research, strategies, tap more corporates. Automation of process also saves time invested in calling, mailing, or taking follow up with corporate. As a result it leads to increase revenue and sales.
  • There are possibilities of blunders when the system is managed offline. Some major risks in offline management are
  1. Ticket generated but payment not deducted.
  2. Wrong invoice generation or no invoice generation.
  3. Slipping on payment follow up.
  4. Erroneous fare quote to corporate.

These mistakes may lead to a huge loss to travel agency. On the other hand, if the whole system is managed automatically online. All the risks mitigation is possible in automated system.

Benefits Of CBT For Corporates

  • All the access to book, cancel, view future trips, download/print ticket or invoice, travel allowance limit, check the bookings by member All in all corporate can manage all the travel related tasks  at single application.
  • CBT act as a guide of travel policies for all the employees on behalf of the company. It also administers all travel policies are being followed by the employees. This way the company do not need to educate the employee with their respective travel authorities.
  • Features like cost bracket, passenger management and travel allowance limit helps company to save more on travel expenses.
  • Company can provide surprise travel coupons to employees through CBT. A travel reward given to employee for good performance will always increase the productivityIt will help company to keep the employees happy and raise the job satisfaction.

Check functionalities of the corporate booking tool. To understand in detail please schedule a demo with Travel Portal Solution.

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