Travelpayouts: A Digital Platform to Monetize Your Travel Content

Travelpayouts is an affiliate network focused on big travel brands like, Tripadvisor, Viator, Rentalscar, etc. It doesn’t matter if you have just started your travel niche or your travel blogging journey, with Travelpayouts, you can find better ways to monetize.

Whether it is your first time coming across something like Travelpayouts or you are familiar with it, one thing you should know about it is- you can use it to increase your affiliate income.

But before we come to how much you can earn with Travelpayouts, know what it is?

What Is Travelpayouts?

Travelpayouts is an affiliate network, designed specifically for the travel niche. It connects travel bloggers and travel content writers with the industry’s biggest names. Travel bloggers partner with biggies like GetYourGuide, Tripadvisor, Booking,com, and WayAway can earn commissions by promoting their products or what they sell to your audience.

Moreover, you can get a percentage of the sale for promoting products like hotels, flight tickets, vacations, travel insurance, car rentals, and more. It is a good way to earn money through content as well as through promotion that converts into sales.

Who Is Travelpayouts For?

Travelpayouts is a popular platform for travel bloggers and content creators. By getting access to a single platform, bloggers can connect with over 100 different travel brands and affiliate programs from flights to hotels, cruise, rentals, and travel insurance.

Who else would be benefitted by Travelpyaouts? People benefitted by Travelpayouts are- bloggers, travel agencies, social media influencer, affiliate marketer, travel expert, and SEO expert. It is an amazing platform for anyone interested in making money by simply promoting travel-related products. If you are looking to streamline your efforts, keep tabs on your success, and earn some extra income, it would be beneficial to consider Travelpayouts affiliate program.

What Are Its Affiliate Categories

Travelpayouts affiliate program includes all categories that are related to the travel industry. From accommodation to flights, it connects its clients with over 100 travel brands. The categories it offers are as follows:

  • Accommodations
  • Bike & Car Rentals
  • Flights
  • Airport Services- Airport Transportation, Priority Pass, Radical Storage
  • Bus Transportation
  • Cruises
  • Flight Booking Service
  • Travel Insurance
  • Loyalty Points
  • Holiday Package
  • Tours
  • Trains
  • SIM Cards

Travelpayouts Affiliate Program

Those who wish to affiliate with Travelpayouts, first create an account free of cost. Since, it doesn’t have any approval process, you can easily create the account. Once you get an account, click on ‘Programs’ and browse through the portal to see its partners. 

For specific affiliated programs, refine your search with its filter option. You can get detailed information, such as commission rate, cookie duration of each program, widgets, banners, and other relevant information. Note that you have to apply for each program individually as each of them have different sets of terms and conditions.

Once you select your preferred program, click on ‘Join’ and you will be directed to “Create a Project”. You must provide Travelpayouts with a link to each platform you will use for promotions and some information to determine traffic, like how many monthly viewers you got.

Travelpayouts Affiliate Program Commissions

The rate of commission depends on the affiliate program you join. It sometimes differs from the in-house affiliate programs. The structure for calculating commission is complex. For hotel stays, the commission rate is about 4-10% on average based on the partner. For instance, GetYourGuide offers up to 10% and offers 5% for hotels. 

Generally, its referral window for most programs is 30 days, but with exceptions. A cookie session with Discover Cars can go up to 365 days.

How To Earn Commission With Travelpayouts?


For example, you are a travel blogger and your recent blog is about Miami beach vacation where you mentioned a complete Miami itinerary. Now you can recommend your readers hotels and car rental service.

You can also mention how having a holiday package helped you enjoy the trip without having to worry about little details.

You can even mention how travel insurance helped you during your trip to Miami post-corona.

There are so many services available in one single industry that you might need during your vacation. From booking flights from a travel agency that offer affordable deals to hotel stays, the chances of earning commission through sales by promoting business, Travelpayouts could be a better source of income.

Travelpayouts Referral Programs

Not just Travelpayouts commission rate, it also allows you to earn through its referral programs. You can earn  up to 7% of the income generated by your referral. It provides you with a widget that comes with a badge that says ‘Powered by Travelpayouts’. By being connected to Travelpayouts through your referral link, your widget can generate commissions from both the affiliate program and the referral program.

Should You Join Travelpayouts Affiliate Program?

If you are a travel blogger, social media influencer, and you have a website with good traffic, you should be a part of Travelpayouts affiliate program. If it is something of your interest, apply for it and track your earnings for all programs you have applied for from one dashboard.

Moreover, you can also compare commission rates of each program and it would be easier for you to decide one or more programs.

Features of Travelpayouts

30-day Cookie Lifetime

Travelpayouts offer a 30-day cookie lifetime. But it varies from one partner to another. Like has a very short session of cookie time, while others have a month time. However, this 30-day cookie lifetime gives your readers enough time to decide and you get the commission payout, once they click and book through your link.

Easy To Manage

It is very easy to manage all the affiliated programs you have applied for from a single platform. With its simplified process, you can easily track and compare programs and commissions. Not just its user-friendly process, Travelpayouts also provide you with a complete support team.

Unique Tools

Its unique set of tools make it one of the best platforms. These tools include widgets, banners, landing pages, links, and tables. It also provides websites with API integration and white label solutions.

Low Minimum Payouts

Travelpayouts offers a conveniently low payment threshold of $50 in total. However, this minimum payout amount may differ depending on your preferred payment method and currency. So once you start earning from its affiliate programs, you will receive a combined payWordPress Pluginout.

No Minimum Traffic

While it is best for you to have a good traffic to get a good number of audience, Travelpayouts is open for all regardless of how big their audiences are. However, some programs may have their own sets of requirements.

It also offers access to its own WordPress plugin. You can access tables, widgets, and other tools and elements that have the potential to offer a great experience to your readers. If you want you can even build your own white label search widget.

Bottom Line

Travelpayouts is one of the best platforms for travel bloggers, content creators, social media influencers, and website owners to earn extra with a decent Travelpayouts commission rate. With its diverse affiliated program, you can widen your audience while earning better rates.

If you want to enhance your travel business by integrating Travelpayouts API into your software, it is best to connect with Travel Portal Solution. Streamline your travel business and boost profits with Travel Portal Solution’s unmatched expertise. Take action today and experience a seamless journey from consultation to API integration with Travel Portal Solution. Don’t let your competitors get ahead – secure your spot now!

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