Offline Travel Agency Vs Online Travel Agency

The ultimate reason, why travel industry is proliferating rapidly is smart utilization of technology. Those who lack visionary, are deficient in amplifying their travel Agency. With each advancement of technology, the competition is getting tougher and the maxim has become- ‘only the fittest can survive the wave’. Those agencies who have hired a better travel technology solution are enjoying better mark-up in the industry, those who didn’t, aren’t existed anymore, and if some does, it has been very difficult for them to earn basic customer-base.

The difference between offline and online travel agency is very clear. Offline travel agencies were used two or three decades ago to get a reservation done for a specific geographical limitation and the restrictions make it inconvenient for the travelers to get even a fundamental travel package. But travel agency who have gone online are not restricted to any limitations and provide easy access to the customers to book flight for both domestic and international tour, facilitate them with accommodation facilities, features to look for other transportation services, a dynamic travel packages that include all required products to make a perfect travel package.

With a looming threat of direct booking site and online travel service providers, offline travel agencies need to modify their distribution channel. No doubt, many of the travelers even in today’s era prefer visiting travel agents to get their booking done. Agents provide skills, which you might not find online. A personal assistant is undoubtedly more trustworthy and reliable for travel mongers. Here, it is not about flights and global destination recommendations as you will get all these through online booking software more efficiently and conveniently, but in specialized areas as assembling custom tours or using airline tricks for expensive international trips offline travel agency are more helpful in compare to OTAs.

Offline Travel Agencies

The existence of a market for a custom-made travel is ensuring that traditional travel business still has hopes to survive. A travel agent with dynamic skills and years long experience can guide you to grasp the jackpot while booking your travel. They are proficient and have thorough knowledge on travel agency, thus their personal assistance helps you get the best deal. Instead of spending ages on browsing features for services, a single phone call makes it more convenient for the travelers.

Online Travel Agency

Modern day traveler prefers OTA to book their itinerary as it gives them the liability to get their desired travel product services instantly. Just access to strong internet connectivity and you will be able to get the whole lot of information on the largest inventory of airlines, hotel data and many more. OTA provides a web-based distribution channel through which a traveler can easily get information on the availability of flights that connects the places you want to visit, hotels on various locations and the facilities it provides. You can even compare the prices of several airlines connecting the same route and select the best available price through browsing. Today, only a handful of travelers use offline travel services. As it seeks your personal visit, many people prefer OTA as they can purchase their needed services anytime anywhere, thus making OTA more efficient for the users.

With the integration of travel portal development services such as travel API Integration or white label travel solution, travel agencies can easily empower themselves to get access to the extensive range of data of worldwide transport and accommodation system.

Both offline and online travel agencies have their own sets of advantages and drawbacks and it is up to you, what to choose while making a plan. If you ask me, I would recommend you to go for online travel agency, as they not only offer you a travel portal software solution but also if needed assist you with any guidance to make your travel hassle-free.


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