Momondo Meta Integration

Momondo is a travel fare aggregator, managed by KAYAK, part of Booking Holdings. It aggregates travel data from multiple sources and enables users to search and compare airfare across multiple channels. Through Momondo meta integration, online travel agents, tour operators, hoteliers, and car rental companies share their data with Momondo. In return, Momondo displays these aggregated data whenever a user searches for a result.

Momondo was founded in Denmark in 2006 and is managed by KAYAK, part of Booking Holdings. Being a meta search engine, Momondo finds and compares the best prices of flights, hotels, car rentals, and package holidays.

Additionally, Momondo doesn’t sell travel products. Instead, it provides a platform to connect travel service suppliers and travelers. Whenever a user clicks on the best value deal, Momondo redirects the user to the supplier’s website. So that the user can make the reservation directly from the supplier. Basically Momondo shares its visitors with the partnered OTAs and increases their sales ratio.

Hence, OTAs, tour operators, hoteliers, and other travel service suppliers are investing in Momondo meta integration as part of their sales strategy. Since Momondo handles a large number of visitors each day, it is easier to get visible by customers on this platform.

Why OTAs Need Momondo Meta Integration

Meta search engines are a cost effective way to promote your brand. Now-a-days, travelers search for a flight, hotel, or other travel services in meta search engines, instead of a particular airline, OTA, or hotel, as it shows results from hundreds of suppliers. It becomes easier for the user to get good deals. So partnering with meta search engines allow you to mix-up your distribution channel and increase the chance of more sales.

OTAs can partner with Momondo through Momondo API integration. It allows them to share their data with Momondo, so that Momondo can further use your fares, whenever a user searches for a specific route, where you provide service. You do not have to pay high commission to Momondo, as it works in a pay-per-click model.

It drives direct bookings, as it redirects the user to your website. It is beneficial for your brand promotion as well. Since the ticket generates under your brand name, it helps in your marketing.

Final Takeaway

Online travel agents and tour operators need to consider investing in Momondo meta integration. If you haven’t yet integrated, it is high time you should do it. You may require some documentation for the process and an agile team of developers. To make it convenient for you, Travel Portal Solution can assist you with the integration process. It also helps you monitor and analyze customer data to increase your brand’s visibility and conversions.

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